Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Japanese Corner Gunman

A “man with a gun” is “holed up” in an apartment in Japan, wanted for a gun crime he should never have been able to commit, due to the tight gun laws they have there that make most violent crime “knife crime” or “bare-handed crime.” the Yakusa is known to be very violent and deadly, and rarely use guns. But the violent crime goes right on. I guess this is just more proof that all their “gun laws” are USELESS. But the politicians, all over the world, aren't listening.

FELON SINGER ARRESTED: This guy, whose name I shall not mention (but you'd recognize) because I don't want to get sued, or worse, SHOT, is (again) accused of threatening one of his women with a gun. Since he has a habit of this, he is a felon from past encounters, where he got only a “slap on the wrist.” So he shouldn't have been able to get a gun. But people with a lot of money like this guy have no problem finding a “straw purchaser” to buy one legally, or illegally. Which means all of California's gun laws mean nothing.

BACKGROUND CHECKS DON'T WORK: Mark Kelly, the former astronaut who, it seems, left his common sense in outer space after marrying former congresslady, shooting victim, and anti-gun advocate Gabby Giffords, now says, “Background checks work. And anybody who says otherwise is wrong.” Maybe somebody should ask him how so many mass shooters PASSED background checks when buying the guns they used to kill a bunch of people. People like Kelly and his wife just aren't capable of common sense, it seems.

RUINING HIS OWN CAREER: Colin Kaepernick, a “bench-warming” quarterback whose position with the 49ers is not very solid at best, has just ruined his own career by refusing to stand when the National anthem is played and the flag displayed, before a game. Seems to me a guy in his position would “keep his head down” and just play football, hoping to demonstrate his talents (if any), But, NO! This guy has got to offend a lot of people nationally with his erroneous and stupid political stance. His ignorance, apparently, knows no bounds. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets cut, soon. And for good reason.

WHITE LIVES MATTER”: As predicted here, a new organization called, “White Lives Matter” has now been called “racist organization” by liberals. Never mind that “Black Lives Matter” is not similarly labeled. What the difference is, is a mystery. That is, it would be if you didn't understand the liberal mind (if any). “Black Lives Matter” advances their efforts to start a race war. “White Lives Matter” does too, but only if they designate it as racist. That's how they twist things so the ignorant don't really understand, while they still vote.

ANOTHER NUMBER TWO? ISIS tells us yet another NUMBER TWO man has been killed. Why do we keep killing “number two men” in the Islamic terrorist organizations? Aren't we good enough to find, and kill the number ONE man in their organizations? I'm sure we are. We just haven't done it. Every once in a while we kill somebody who is CALLED the number two while their killing goes right on, unabated. I think we're being “played.” Not by them, by Obama. He's killing nobodies and CALLING them top men so we'll think he's “doing something” to fight Islamic terrorism.

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