Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mass Killing

Well, maybe only an ATTEMPTED mass killing in London. Proving again what I've said so often, this guy couldn't afford a gun, legal or illegal. So he took a KNIFE and started stabbing people at random. He was quickly “taken down” and sent to jail (after a trip to the hospital). In England, it's almost impossible for a private citizen (and even some cops) to get a gun, so this guy predictably improvised. He killed one woman and wounded four others before he was stopped.

NO GUNS THERE: There are mostly no guns in England. Except for those in the hands of SOME cops and other government agents, of course. They've started a special heavily-armed, masked, and highly trained unit to patrol the streets and be able to quickly respond to ANY terrorist attack (usually an Islamic one). Of course, if they hadn't banned most guns in the hands of private citizens, they wouldn't need as many of these specially armed and trained troops to patrol the street. They ARE beginning to get the idea, though. They are arming more cops.

LEFT MEDIA RIGS ELECTIONS: So why are they left in charge of so many things? Most of the earlier debates were run by CNN and other liberal outfits. The only one that was even HALF fair was run by Fox News. Now they're been allowed to set up a couple more debates, now we're in the general campaign, and have set them up on the same nights as two big football games, guaranteeing a smaller audience, since most Americans care more for football than for the future of their country.

MORE INCOME REDISTRIBUTION: Hillary wants more communism, as usual. Or socialism, at least (they're both two different pages of the same book). She's pushing for more “income redistribution,” which, translated, means more STEALING from the PRODUCERS of new wealth for the benefit of those who are not capable, or WILLING to earn for themselves. That's what “income redistribution” is. And she's promising more and more “freebies” for others not capable or willing to work and earn it for themselves.

IS TRUMP IMPLODING? A lot of people think he is. Mostly the “Never Trump” crowd. Just because Hillary gets a temporary bump in some places. But Trump is still leading in most areas, and he says his campaign is doing great. And he should know—not the liberal (and conservative) pundits who just wish him disaster. I figure he'll learn from his mistakes, and go right on steamrolling Hillary, right up through, and after the election. Will they shut up then? Doubtful. They'll still be trying to do everything they can to derail his “train.”

NOT CONSERVATIVES? The Republicans insist that they are NOT “conservatives.” So what ARE they? They're mostly NOT liberals, I don't think. Although you'd be hard put to notice, the way they've been kowtowing to Obama lately. I'm not a conservative, either. Although conservative is close to what I am. I'm a rational individualist who believes in MOST things conservative, but disagree with others. But I wish they'd tell me what they ARE, if they're not conservatives.

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