Monday, August 15, 2016

They Don't Understand

On purpose. That way, they don't have to answer questions about their own misdeeds while the liberal press is giving Donald Trump hell about what he says. Trump eloquently illustrated the fact that Obama was personally responsible for the rise of ISIS because he created the atmosphere conducive to their rise to power by abruptly telling his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq while leaving all their equipment and ordinance behind to supply the Islamic terrorists for a long time. That's how they operate: TWIST what he says to their own advantage.

BACK TO GLOBAL COOLING: In the seventies, climate “scientists” were, oh, so worried about “global COOLING” they were talking about “the coming new ice age.” Then they got the idea it wasn't “cooling,” at all. that we were “moving toward a ONE DEGREE temperature rise generally over the next hundred years. They pushed and pushed that, and ol' AlGore figured out how to make himself a billionaire with it. Now they're touting “global COOLING again. They were wrong before both times, and they're wrong now.

HILLARY LIES AGAIN: She keeps repeating that the FBI Director said she did NOT break any laws. That's one of her LIES. That's definitely NOT what he said. He DETAILED the crimes she committed, but said he would not recommend charges be filed because “she didn't mean it.” which is the same thing as a cop watching a man putting a gun to another's head and killing him,,then refusing to arrest him “because he didn't mean it.” Comey did NOT say she committed no crimes. Only that he didn't have the guts to recommend she be charged. She has no business still being in the race for president. She needs to be on her way to the slam.

HILLARY HATES THE RICH: She is constantly talking about taxing the rich at higher and higher rates, and stealing more and more of the money they EARN. She says they “stole” the money they get from their efforts. But she only knows about herself. Hillary is one of the richest people in the world, and she CONNED it out of people who are her constituents. So she thinks other rich people did, too. It's all she knows. But “the rich” already pay MOST of the income taxes paid. She can't deny that, truthfully. So she does lyingly. Meanwhile, IRS figures make a LIAR out of her—again.

NO DEMONSTRATIONS OR RIOTS: They're marveling that, with nine people, including the son of a police officer (who was just sitting on his stoop), being killed in Chicago, nobody was upset enough to riot. But they're not thinking straight. Nobody was killed BY a cop, trying to do his job. They were all “black-on-black” crimes, and that's routine (I think they were. Nobody said, either way.). Nobody gets upset by that, only the cops, who try to solve the crimes involved and protect the very people who criticize them. I think it's instructive that the killing in Milwaukee was of an ARMED thug with a long record, who was RUNNING from the cops, even though the newspaper said he was UNARMED. Talk about FOMENTING a riot!

JOE GETS IN TROUBLE—AGAIN! As usual, “ol' Joe” (Biden) got himself in trouble again for hugging Hillary a little too long while she fidgeted, trying to get away without making a scene. Joe has a history of getting too “up close and personal” with many women, other men's wives, and even their young daughters. Maybe somebody should tell him to start keeping his hands to himself. It's unseemly for a VP to “manhandle” women that way.

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