Wednesday, August 17, 2016

"But You Can't See It"

This University of Alabama professor has concluded a study that purports to show that legal gun carriers are connected with mass shootings His findings are questioned, since he won't allow his critics to see his research, and his methodology. Award-winning criminologist Gary Kleck, of Florida State University says his “study” was “very questionable” and should never have been published in a respected journal.” This shows the usual kind of questionable “research” upon which the anti-gun fools depend.

BAN HARPOONS!” That's what they'll be shouting in France after a mob attacked a photographer who shot a picture of a Muslim woman wearing one of those ugly and stupid Burquinis on a beach in Corsica. Since no guns were involved, proving what I've always said about thugs FINDING weapons if they can't get guns is true, even if the anti-gun fools deny it. Of course, the liberal media largely ignores this story, because it doesn't promote their agenda to disarm the citizens.

HUMA-LIATION: Did you know that Huma Abeden, wife of penis e-mailing former congress member Anthony Weiner, and Hillary Clinton's top aide (and probable lover), is a Muslim? Which is another illustration of how far into the government Muslims have “wormed” their way. It was his his sending pictures of his penis around the Internet that derailed his bid to become mayor of New York city. She says it was her “Muslim faith” that supported her in their “darkest days.” Being a Muslim, I wonder just how much that “Muslim faith” affects her advice to Hillary. And that's not “religious intolerance, it's LOGIC. Especially since the most religiously intolerant people on the planet are Muslims.

SOROS IS EVERYWHERE: Why isn't this fool in prison? He has destroyed the currency in FIVE nations and is working HARD to destroy the American dollar. His money is behind just about every left-wing scheme to derail this government, usually through “cutout” organizations that don't reveal their connection to him. He is a well-known saboteur and enemy to everything American. So why hasn't the FBI “taken him out?” Because he, more than anybody else, knows where the bodies are buried?

15 MORE MURDERERS: Obama has released 15 more murderers from GITMO, using spurious reasoning, as usual. Of course, his whole purpose is to make it so expensive per prisoner to keep them that alone, gives him an excuse to release more murderers on the world. Yes, a FEW of them might not be guilty. But most of them ARE guilty of mostly ISLAMIC terrorism and should be, if not imprisoned for life, shot. They're not Americans, and do NOT have constitutional rights. Most have been “caught in the act” of blowing up, or otherwise murdering people and should be BURIED forever. Not released, to go back to their murdering ways.

OVERREACTING IN MILWAUKEE: Turns out the cops killing a thug in Milwaukee wasn't an “unwarranted” killing, after all. Body camera footage shows him raising his gun and aiming it at cops after being told to drop it. Why he was stupid enough to do that is beyond me. And masses of other thugs, organized by Facebook and Instagram posts, rushed to blame the cops, who simply shot an ARMED thug who was aiming a gun at them. Like in Ferguson, MO, the whole thing was based on a LIE put out by the thugs.

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