Friday, August 19, 2016

Who Needs Twitter?

Twitter has reportedly eliminated 235,000 accounts they deemed to be “extremist.” Who the hell gives them the right to arbitrarily decide an account is “extremist?” Is it because those people don't agree with them politically? Frankly, if Twitter just “shriveled up and died,” it wouldn't make me mad, at all. And the same goes for Facebook, which also likes to eliminate accounts if they post something they, as liberals, don't like. Is there anybody out there who wants to start a "Twitter-like" platform to take those customers they offended by their actions? Lot of money to be made.

A BIBLE “FRIGHTENS” HIM? An anti-Christian bigot is demanding an Air Force captain be punished for having an open Bible on his desk at Peterson Air force Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He says it's presence “frightens” soldiers. What a damned fool he is! Any soldier “frightened” by a BOOK has no business being IN the military. And anybody who seriously BELIEVES a Bible can “frighten” ANYBODY needs to have his head examined. This guy is just a bully masquerading as a civil rights champion. He needs to be REMOVED from the area, forcibly, if necessary, and told never to come back. And SHOT if he does.

BLAME A REPUBLICAN! Hillary has come up with the ultimate LIE. She is now saying former Secretary of State Colin Powell (a Republican) advised her to use a private e-mail server for government business. When asked, Powell denied it. That's probably the epitome of “blaming the Republicans” for your problems. This woman has a positive GENIUS for diverting blame from herself, and onto a Republican. The only way to prove or disprove it is if Powell says it's true. If he denies it, she'll call him a liar. And lying is something she knows about, from personal experience.

MEXICO; FIVE TIMES WORSE: Mexico, which has very tough gun laws, has a “gun violence problem” FIVE TIMES HIGHER than in America. This is a repetition of what is happening in other countries (notably France and Belgium), which similarly have “tight” gun laws, coupled with high gun violence stats. Does anybody notice a pattern here? Yes, Mexico has the drug cartels, which IGNORE their gun laws. And we have the “street gangs,” which also ignore gun laws, and that's the problem. Not LEGAL gun owners.

GUNS ENDANGER, NOT PROTECT: That's what one anti-gun fool who PRETENDS to be an “honest researcher,” says. He cites a lot of false “stats” by “researchers” he will not name and nobody's ever heard of, so we can't verify their methodology and their figures. He gives a long list of actions that inhibit anti-gun lawmakers, all of which are spurious. This is how anti-gun fools “shape” public opinion. Cite “studies” that can't be found and swear they're true.

I LIKE PRETTY WOMEN: Especially those who are almost naked, and show a lot of leg. That's why I like watching Fox's “Outnumbered.” the concept is supposed to be four women vs. ONE man, discussing the issues, but actually is a showcase for four sets of good-looking legs in the very short, skimpy dresses they always wear (don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining just commenting). One, in today's show, had a skirt so short, I was fearful that she'd show everything she has. I said I watch it. I don't LISTEN to it. My interest is only visual. And that probably is responsible for it's popularity among men. Somebody had a good idea that helps viewership, but not necessarily information.

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