Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Rich Pay Fair Share

That's the mantra said by most liberals, and it's patently FALSE. They pay that, and more. The rich pay MOST of the income taxes paid—period. 86% of taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners. And the top 50% pay 97% of all income taxes paid. If that's not “their fair share,” I don't know what is. Like most things liberals say, the whole idea of taxing the rich at a higher rate is FALSE. But they keep saying it, even after it has been proven a lie many times. And these figures come from the IRS, itself. So quit lying, Hillary!

MOST RECKLESS IN HISTORY! They're now saying Donald Trump will be the most reckless president in history! Not a chance! Obama already has that dubious “honor,” having spent more money than ALL previous presidents COMBINED. In just 8 years, he DOUBLED the national debt, and “under his watch,” unemployment has reached RECORD levels, with MILLIONS of people out of a job for so long they've given up on EVER finding another job, and they've left the work force, while he stopped counting them, allowing him to give us phony unemployment figures.

BEST THING EVER HAPPENED! Donald Trump is the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan. Which is why they hate him so. They treated Reagan to same way, but he “energized” this government, brought the economy under control, and created the longest-lasting economic boom in history, until the liberals screwed it up. They hate him because they KNOW he will do away with the political criminals in their party, so they want to stop him before he gets started.

GUN CONTROL EQUALS GENOCIDE: If you don't believe it, take a look at the “war” in Yugoslavia of a few years ago. Residents were told to “turn in their guns” to the UN and the UN would protect them. The UN did NOT. They protected THEMSELVES, and nobody else. Citizens coming to be protected were murdered, and beheaded by the army. And the key was “gun control.” Only citizens who did NOT turn in their guns are still alive, after the “war” ended. It's a good example of what can happen after “gun control” becomes complete.

HILLARY'S HEALTH PROBLEMS: She has had obvious seizures that were seen in a video while talking to people. She has stumbled when climbing stairs, and even, in a few cases, required help from staffers, to keep her feet. One time, she stumbled while climbing into an airplane, and almost fell on her face. She has been treated for a head injury from a fall. Maybe we will be saved from a Hillary presidency by an “Evita event.” Evita Peron was running for vice president of Argentina, which used to be a thriving democracy, until Eva and Juan took control. Then, after ten years, it became a socialist wasteland. She was ready to be elected as vice president, when she died from cancer, saving Argentina from her “tender mercies.” I have written, comparing Hillary with Evita Peron, before. Maybe the comparison will continue and WE will be saved from Hillary the same way Argentina was saved from Evita. One can only hope.

OUR SECURITY AT RISK: Trump will put our security at risk, according to the Bush camp (except for Jeb's son). But they never give us any details on HOW Trump will be dangerous to our security—because there aren't any. When asked for particulars, they give us generalities that mean NOTHING. They mostly cite him as a “big mouth,” which tells us nothing and is NOT a reason not to vote for him. What they don't tell you is that their biggest problem with Trump is that the Republican “elites” can't control him, and he is going to “upset many applecarts.”

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