Tuesday, August 23, 2016

No Surprise, There

While Trump was down in Louisiana to see if there was anything he could do to help. Hillary was flying off on her personal airplane for a fund raising trip. They're making a big thing out of her raising more money than Trump, but they forget one thing: he doesn't NEED to raise money. He already has enough. But her completely ignoring the Louisiana disaster, one of two recently, shows us (me, at least) a lot about her. But it isn't something that surprises me. I've been painfully aware of her narcissism for a long time.

SO THE HELL WHAT? The FBI found thousands of e-mails Hillary thought were completely gone, when she deleted them, saying they were “personal,” without giving them an opportunity to see if she was lying, or not. There are probably many incriminating e-mails in that bunch, but even if there are, nothing will happen—at least, until AFTER the election. The “fix” is still in, even if the FBI is TRYING to do their job. And if she is elected, you can bet the whole investigation will be buried.

WRONG WHEN BUSH DID IT: But not when Obama did the exact same thing, with the same reason for not going to Louisiana right away, rather than wait a few days. Bush said a presidential visit would cause more trouble, and drain more resources, than it was worth, in the first few days, while he could be doing something from DC to help. Obama said the same thing, using it as a EXCUSE to continue his golfing outings while Louisianans drowned, and lost their homes—and he doesn't see the irony. But then, he's stupid.

IS GUN CONTROL RACIST? The simple answer is, YES. The Ku Klux Klan, well known black killers, started out as a “gun control” outfit, so they wouldn't have to worry so much about “incoming fire” as they went about their “night riding” to remove black people from the land of the living. They still advocate gun control today as a means to the same end. Yes, they're a little more subtle today in their black hatred, and the “Black Lives Matter” crowd aren't helping much, as they “whip blacks into a frenzy” of white hatred. As much as black people kill other black people, you'd think they are MEMBERS of the KKK.

DOING SOMETHING RIGHT: The NRA must be doing something right, if the New York Times hates them as much as they do. They recently published an anti-NRA screed, containing myths, LIES, and false representations about gun control. They say they have “All The News It's Fit To Print,” but this is NOT “fit to print.” In publishing this article, they're also promoting the election of Hillary Clinton as president. What they think that will gain us, I don't know. Maybe they're as crooked as she is, and see her as a “kindred soul.”

HOW'D THEY GET SO RICH? The Clintons told us that, when they left the White House, they were not only dead broke, they were in debt, as well. Now they're worth $100 million, In just 8 years!. How did that happen? It can't be Bill's and Hillary's excessive “speaking fees (bribes),” so where did the money come from? That's pretty obvious to people who pay attention to such things. It comes from the billions of dollars contributed by foreign governments, to their foundation. That foundation, which they control, absolutely, “gets around” the prohibition on foreign contributions to their political campaigns. They think they're fooling us. Or they don't care.

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