Monday, August 22, 2016

Another One Dead

This is getting ridiculous! The body count is growing again. Victor Thorn, a writer who had published three books about the Clintons, containing evidence “overlooked” for too long by the proper authorities, was found dead, they SAY of suicide. They don't say HOW he killed himself. Did he shoot himself in the head, TWICE, as one on BILL'S list was said to have done? We need a fearless investigator, who can defend himself, to look into the high number of dead people who either displeased the Clintons, or were about to testify against them, and get to the bottom of WHY so many people connected to the Clintons have turned up dead under suspicious circumstances.

NO-GUN ZONES”: I've said, many times, that “no-gun zones” DON'T WORK. They only get people killed. These two cops responded to a “suspicious person” call at one Panera Bread in Maryland., all of whose 1,800 locations are “no-gun zones.” The shooter, who ignored that restriction, killed them both, and was subsequently killed by two “slightly more alert” deputies who came, later. Politicians routinely “turn a blind eye” and “deaf ear” to those who tell them their “policies” are stupid. And when they get people killed, they ignore it. So do the owners of private businesses like Panera Bread.

GUN LAWS NEVER WORK: They do NOTHING to “stem gun violence.” Actually, all they do is make law-abiding people DEFENSELESS against the criminals who IGNORE them by leaving us without a defense. They can't just BAN guns, because of the Second Amendment. So they do everything they can to make the ones we do have, USELESS, by such things as “bullet control,” and high taxes and fees for ANYBODY wanting license to carry a gun for self defense, making them prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile, most of them run around behind a WALL of “armed security” while denying us that right.

THEY HATE GUNS: And they hate hunting. But they still eat meat. They must think meat magically appears on their supermarket shelves without killing animals to feed them. They never think about the connection to killing animals there is between the live animal and their tasty plates full of meat. It never occurs to them that, for them to have their meat, an animal must be killed. They think hunters are the only ones that kill animals. Forgetting that this used to be the only way to put meat on the table. They should all be vegetarians.

OBVIOUS DOUBLE STANDARD: The liberal media bashed Bush because he didn't “jump up” and immediately get on a plane to New Orleans after their massive hurricane. But they're completely silent on Obama continuing his golf games after the massive flooding in the same area. They say it's because he's “too busy” (playing golf, I guess) to bother about thousands of people losing their homes, and some losing their lives. But he's a Democrat, so who cares? After Trump “called him out,” he put his golf clubs away (for a while) and thought about going down there. But he hasn't yet, as this is written.

THEY'RE RIGHT ON IT! The liberal media gave almost wall-to-wall coverage of the silly “contretemps” in Rio between four drunken Olympians and the cops, who only wanted payment for the damage they did in a restroom in their drunken stupor. Of course, that didn't leave much time for coverage of something “less important” like Obama sentencing many Americans to being kidnapped for ransom by “rogue nations” like Iran because they now know we'll “pay up.” At least, until Trump takes over.

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