Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary's Latest Lie

Gotta get this in quick, before she tells another whopper. She came out and accused Trump- of being a “tool of the KKK” because they endorsed him, some time back. She says Trump didn't dispute David Duke's endorsement, although he definitely didn't acknowledge it. Of course, she didn't note the fact that the Communist Party USA has endorsed HER. And, while she didn't acknowledge that, neither did she DENY it. The communists like her because she spouts their talking points every day.

WIMP LIBERALS: Poor babies! Liberals in our colleges are setting aside “safe spaces” for liberals who are “made uncomfortable” when they hear ANY disagreement with their preconceived notions and want to go somewhere and cry. So now they're giving them “crying rooms” where they never have to listen to opinions different from their own. Meanwhile, they go out and spread their stupidities around (risking hearing dissenting opinions), even if we don't want to hear them. They don't give a rip about that. They think it's their right to force their opinions on us, while retreating to their “safe spaces” when we try to reason with them.

THEY CALL TRUMP A DICTATOR WANNABE: Of course, they don't mention that Hillary is a SOCIALIST. Not a “wannabe,” a socialist. A REAL socialist! If she gets elected, she'll work HARD to finish the job of imposing socialism on the rest of us, in the guise of giving people “freebies.” The next election will be a referendum on how many people out there WANT freebies. If she wins, we're outnumbered, and she will BECOME a “de facto dictator.” With Obama to back her play.

IS NRA RACIST? That's what liberals are saying, now. Of course, that's what they say about ANYTHING with which they do not agree. It all started with Barack Obama, who told us electing him would forever END racism in America. So we (not me) elected him, and it not only DIDN'T “end racism for all time,” it made it worse, because Obama PROMOTED racism. Racism from BLACKS against WHITES. To make it seem true, they PUSH white racism against blacks, which had all but disappeared until Obama got in. But what is not said is that the DEMOCRAT Party is the racist party. Jim Crow was a Democrat! Robert Byrd, a “former” Grand Kleagel, was in Congress from 1953 to 2010. They're “salted” all through government.

WHO THE HELL CARES? The DOJ is putting out a new “directive” (they call it an “advisory”) that cops should ask transgenders as they are arresting them, “Do you prefer to be called ma'am, or sir?”. This is liberalism out of control! Who the hell cares what they want to be called? If that transgender has a penis and maybe “five o'clock shadow,” call him “sir.” Whether he likes it, or not, and put him in the MALE part of the jail. Nobody is (yet) required to care about that, by LAW. Only (so far) by ILLEGAL “regulation.” So screw 'em! If it ever becomes law, I recommend cops ignore it, calling them what is indicated by their biology. Emphasizing their male plumbing, in court.

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