Saturday, August 13, 2016

Are they, Or Not?

We ask if there is an investigation into the activities of the Clinton (Crime) Foundation. We're told that several FBI offices have asked for the power to do that, and Loretta told them “no.” Then later, we're told that there are SEVERAL such investigations ongoing in state offices of the DOJ. Which is it? ARE they investigating her “foundation,” or are they NOT? You can't seem to get a straight answer on this, or any other question in DC. Plus, the 30,000 Hillary e-mails are finally found, and several crimes are discovered—and nothing happens. Nor, it seems, will it ever.

CNN BEHIND MSNBC! CNN was “riding high” during the DNC convention, higher, even, than Fox (for a fleeting moment). But those viewers didn't hang around. CNN is now BELOW MSNBC on the list of cable news outlets in the number of viewers. NO! Nobody's behind MSNBC in the ratings! Except maybe the Golf channel or Al-Jazeera (do they still even EXIST?). I didn't even know there was a PLACE below MSNBC on that list! Ya live and learn, I guess.

EASILY OFFENDED PEOPLE: Be honest with me, now. Have you ever seen a more easily offended bunch than Muslims? They routinely kill Jews and members of other religions all over the world, but then they keep getting offended by people in this country that are horrified by their practices. The worst “religious persecutors” get offended by that, saying THEY are victims of “religious persecution.” They treat their women terribly, then “get offended” if a woman has ANY trouble, with anybody (that's AFTER they rape them). They KILL gays, yet complain about gays “being persecuted” in this country because some of us object to gays changing the meaning of the word “marriage.

FIGURED IT OUT: I may be completely wrong, but I think I've figured out why neither Hillary or Huma are much disturbed by their philandering husbands (Everybody knows about Bill's “zipper down” policies, but not as many know about Uma's husband sending pictures of his penis around on the web to spark possibilities for sex). I'm beginning to think THEY have a sexual relationship with each other. Uma has been Hillary's “close aide” for many years. The question in my mind is, HOW close? Maybe neither one CARES what their husbands do because they're doing the same thing (close, anyway), but with better cover-up.

TRUMP WON'T LET US! The liberal media is whining that they “want to talk about Hillary's crimes (they didn't put it that way) but Trump won't let us. He keeps making outrageous statements that we have to cover, and we don't have TIME to talk about anything else.” Well, la, te dah! Funny. Fox seems to find the time to talk about both,. Why can't you? It's a bunch of horse manure, as is most of what the liberals media spouts.

DRIVER'S LICENSE RACIST? The liberals are unalterably opposed to making people get picture ID in order to do the most important thing they do in their lives: vote. They call it “racist,” on the theory that most blacks can't afford a $5 fee to get one from their state. You have to show one to do many things. In some places to user a pay potty! But it's racist to demand it to prove who you are and that you haven't voted before when you come in to vote. What a FOOL excuse to aid election fraud!

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