Thursday, August 25, 2016

Taking Stupid Pills

Where do we get such stupid politicians? apparently, they're not limited to the United States. A Mexican politician gave a speech at a UN meeting in Switzerland, where she suggested the US BAN guns. Never mind the Second Amendment prohibits it. They don't have that in Mexico, so they're clueless. With a gun crime rate FIVE TIMES that of America, maybe they should clean up their own “gun problem” before criticizing ours.

JUST CHANGE THE NAME: That's how the government “gets around” laws limiting their actions. The Firearms Owner's Protection Act prohibits them from starting any new databases of gun owners, so they just RENAME the one already in existence. They'll even go to court and DENY it's a database, LYING under oath. But if it LOOKS like a database, and OPERATES like a database, it IS a database. Not even if they call it a “data warehouse” to fool people and “get a\round” the law..

JUST DON'T TELL 'EM”: That's the answer in a Maryland (where else?) school district when you allow MEN who SAY they “identify as women” to “bunk with” young girls on field trips. They were asked what to do about telling parents they were doing it, and they came out with a policy: “Just don't tell 'em!' " And these are the people we are supposed to trust with the safety and well-being of our children! Stupid, stupid, STUPID! More liberalism corrupting our youth. What makes “transgenders” so special their wishes trump the wishes of the majority? Why is it only “transgenders” (.01% of the population) matter?

15,000 MORE E-MAILS: Well, they've “found” yet ANOTHER 15,000 “deleted e-mails” Hillary thought were gone forever. But don't expect anything to happen before the election as a result. If they didn't “find” any transgressions in that 33,-000 they previously “found,” they aren't going to find any in this bunch, although there are certainly some there. Not, at least, before the election, that is. I don't know ANYBODY who is better at “dragging their feet” than a government agency! Of course, FBI Director Comey DETAILED all her violations, but decided not to recommend her indictment “because she didn't mean it.”

POWELL “CLEARED HER?” They're now suggesting that former Secretary of State Colin Powell “cleared” Hillary in her use of a private e-mail server while she was Sec. Of State, because he “advised her” to use a private server. Only one problem: he didn't. Hillary's attempt to pin it on Powell ain't agonna work, because we know all about what Powell did, and it doesn't APPROACH what she did. And Powell says he never did ANY such thing! And Powell is not a well-known LIAR like she is! Even if he did, that wouldn't “clear her” of breaking the law. If I told you speeding was okay, would that stop a cop from giving you a ticket?

DON'T CHANGE COURSE: Iranian boats decided to harass an American missile ship by “buzzing” them and risking a collision. They didn't fire any missiles at them, and they DID “change course” to keep from running over them. Which is what the Iranians counted on. They should never have changed course to miss them, letting them take their chances, since they made the decision to “buzz” the ship. If they ran into one, it wasn't the Navy's fault, and might have taught the Iranians a lesson without starting a war. Although who cares about starting a war with a pipsqueak country like Iran? Iran threatening us is like a fly crawling up an elephant's leg with rape on it's mind.

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