Saturday, August 6, 2016

Subjective Laws

Subjective laws are those laws that can be decided by an individual. That only require the opinion of the person affected, a cop, or another government agent. Like the “sexual harassment laws” in which the unsupported OPINION of one woman that she was sexually abused. Or rape laws, where all it takes is for the woman to CLAIM rape when sometimes it's consensual sex that “went wrong” in her mind, with no other evidence it was rape. The newest subjective “offense” is the wearing of the Gadsden Flag image. A cop or other “official” can decide, on his/her own, that wearing it is an “actionable racial offense” and you can be prosecuted. The same is true of the “Rebel Flag.” I shudder to think what they'll “deem” illegal next.

THEY'RE DREAMING: Many GOP “Insiders” are preparing for Trump to “drop out” of the race, and have a “short list” of Republican replacements ready when he does. They're going to be mightily disappointed when he doesn't. And especially when he wins in a landslide. They can't figure out a way to get rid of him under normal circumstances, so they're mounting a campaign to get him to drop out, even though he's still winning. What a bunch of clowns they are. They're hoping to get him to quit, which is the only way they can keep him from winning, since there's no other way. And Obama thinks he can disillusion his supporters by saying he is “unfit” to be president. How would he know. He is CERTAINLY unfit to be president.

HILLARY TRUTHFUL? Not a chance. I don't think she knows HOW to tell the truth. She says FBI Director Comey SAID she told the truth about her e-mail scandal. He did nothing of the sort. He DETAILED her “crimes,” but said that “since she didn't MEAN to commit a crime,” he wouldn't recommend charges be filed. If you were stopped by a cop for drunk driving, and you were “drunk as a Lord,” do you think the cop would let you go if you said you “didn't MEAN to drive drunk? I guess it's just that double standard for Hillary.

MAJORITY AGREES WITH THEM: I've said, many times, that the anti-gun fools are deluded in what they believe, and what they preach. They've again proven me right with their opinion that a MAJORITY of Americans agree with them. Don't you think if that were true, their USELESS “gun laws” would pass easily, and not frustrate Obama in his efforts to take away our gun rights?

WILL TRUMP RUIN ECONOMY? The Democrats (and some Republicans) are asking that question, which ignores one reality: Obama has ALREADY ruined the economy. What's left for Trump to ruin? Obama has DOUBLED the national debt in just eight years. Something that took ALL previous presidents the entire history of America to equal. He has created RECORD unemployment. so much so that MILLIONS of people have given up on ever finding another job and have left the work force, allowing Obama to give patently phony unemployment figures by no longer counting them.

TAKE 'EM ALL OUT: Every so often we hear about the “number 2 man” being “taken out” in one Islamic terrorist group or another. Which does no good at all. There's always another fool ready and waiting to take his place, and the killing goes right on, unabated. I'm sure our intelligence people know WHO are their supreme leaders and where they live. We need go in and take “em ALL out. No organization like theirs can function without their top leadership. They will collapse from inside.

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