Friday, August 12, 2016

Iran Laughing At Us

They're thinking, “Boy. is America stupid! They're thinking that as they take even more hostages to hold for even more ransom while that fool, Obama, is still in the white House. They know they can con him out of a lot more money they can use to cause more Islamic terrorism in the world. But they have to work fast. If Trump gets into the White House, “all is lost” on collecting more ransom. Trump will just come in and TAKE those hostages, while killing off all their top people.

KILL OFF TOP BRASS: That's what we ought to be doing to the Islamic terrorists, instead of just killing off a few of their supporters and recruiters. Killing off a few low-level fools will not do ANYTHING to stop Islamic terrorism. If you kill off ALL the “top brass,” you “kill the brain” and they cease to be able to function, without a head. We need to “pull out all the stops” and quit trying simply to “contain” the terrorists, as that fool in the white House insists on doing.

SETTING A TRAP: Hillary and her accomplices set a trap for Trump the other day. They not only INVITED the proud father of the Orlando killer to her rally, but they seated him right behind her so the cameras couldn't help but pick him up. Trump was supposed to see him and immediately raise a ruckus, which he didn't. So their plan fizzled. Of course, the conservative media picked up on it, and it is now known that he is “in her corner.” But, of course, she will deny that to her dying day, and nobody will push it far enough to learn that the DNC actually INVITED him, and PURPOSELY seated him right behind her. Probably paid his way there.

HOW ABOUT COMMON SENSE? Why the hell do so many people want to vote for Hillary Clinton, when we all KNOW she is a liar and a criminal. Not just her e-mail scandal, which has caused at least one man to die because of an e-mail she sent, but because of all the other crimes she has committed? Like accepting BRIBES from foreign governments through her ”foundation," and the bodies that have been piling up, each of which is connected to her in some way? One of which recently was shot and killed on the street just before he was to testify against the Clintons. It is said he was the SOURCE of some damning information about her, given to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange..

SPECIAL LAWS FOR MUSLIMS? These Muslim men argued that, after the death of a Muslim taxi driver, all proceeds of the wrongful death settlement should be distributed according to ISLAMIC law, rather than American law, since all participants were Muslim. It was part of the usual effort for Muslims to avoid “assimilating” into American culture. The judge ruled, rightly, that American law would rule, since we are in America, not a Muslim country. That we can't have laws different for Muslims, Jews, Mormons, etc., according to their religious values.

TYPICAL LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: A number of music stars are going to have special concerts on the same day to promote “gun control” to keep us disarmed, while their concerts are “protected” by ARMED security. Like most anti-gun politicians, who also run around surrounded by “hired guns,” they think THEY deserve such “protection” while us :peasants” do not. They need to be disabused of this notion. The Constitution protects our RIGHT to be armed in self defense, just as it protects theirs. That's why anti-gun fools have such trouble passing their anti-gun laws.

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