Sunday, August 14, 2016

"The Biggest Load of Bull!"

Impeached and disbarred former president Bill Clinton recently said, of the e-mail controversy in which his wife is involved, as “The biggest load of bull I've ever heard.” Actually, the “biggest load of bull I'VE ever heard is what comes out of Bill's mouth.” On a regular basis. With his record, how he thinks ANYBODY with any intelligence at all will believe ANYTHING he says, is beyond me. Bill previously held the record (before Obama) as the best LIAR around, and he seems to be trying to regain the title. The liberal news media, instead of CONDEMNING his lies, MARVELED at his expertise at lying.

COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS”: That's what the anti-gun fools call the abortions they foist upon us in the name of “keeping guns off the streets,” but they are anything BUT “common sense.” They're designed to make LEGAL guns USELESS by keeping them unloaded, stored in slow to open containers, have trigger locks, and such. These laws only apply to LAW-ABIDING people, not to criminals, who don''t bother to obey laws. And they get people KILLED while AIDING criminals in their efforts to victimize people.

HORRIBLE OLYMPICS: I don't think I've ever heard of a more horrible Olympics than the one now in Rio. The water is polluted and makes competitors sick (both outside and inside), criminals rob competitors at gunpoint, sometimes masquerading as cops, and when they don't use a gun, they just beat them up. One of the most unusual stories to come out of Rio is the Judo champion who was beaten up and robbed. One female sailor in a yachting event took sick from the water, and they actually had to SHUT DOWN an Olympic pool until they could get some healthy water in it. What a nasty place to hold an Olympics meet!

BANNING AMMUNITION: In Seattle, they gave a company a permit to import several thousand rounds of ammunition for their AR-15 rifles, and, after they were paid for and arrived, “confiscated” (stole) them and designated them as “armor piercing” and thus ineligible to be imported for civilian sale. They can't just BAN guns, so they're working on excuses to ban all ammunition, making (only) legal guns USELESS. They're working all around banning guns, making them USELESS in the hands of law-abiding citizens, and impossible to get into action quick enough to successfully oppose the guns in the hands of criminals.

ARE THEY A “HATE GROUP?” Is “Black Lives Matter” a hate group? ABSOLUTELY! They threaten violence to anybody who disagrees with them. Even to people who say, “ALL lives matter.” They want to smash the computer of a female student who has a Trump sticker on it, and want to commit violence on ANYBODY who ridicules their useless slogan. All lives DO matter, but they deny that, preferring to discriminate in their very basic premise. That is a “hate group.” No doubt about it.

WAIT FOR THE FACTS! Yes, a cop shot this black man after a chase. But the man was armed, and had been fleeing the cops after they made a traffic stop on him. It is not known whether or not he brandished that gun to the cops, but in today''s world, where cops have a target on their backs, it's not surprising that cops might be very “nervous” in any violent encounter with a black man. We don't yet know for sure whether or not this was a “righteous shooting,” but rioters are notorious for not waiting for the facts when they destroy property and hurt people. Interesting note: the cop who killed him is black, too.

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