Sunday, August 28, 2016

Selective Reporting

The Hillary camp has a new ad out criticizing Trump for “disrespecting” a Gold Star Mother by noting that the Muslim mother of a dead soldier had nothing to say as her husband savaged Donald Trump, asking him if he had even READ the Constitution. Meanwhile, they ignored the fact that Hillary not only “disrespected” a Gold star Mother, she called her a LIAR! So what's the difference? Why, she's Hillary! She isn't subject to the same rules as other people.

CLOSING GITMO: That''s about the stupidest promise Obama ever made. The Islamic terrorists aren't going to stop killing innocent people for not believing in their stupid “religion.” We're going to continue to need somewhere to hold these ignorant killers. So if we close GITMO, we're just going to have to open anther facility, somewhere. We can't just let these fools go. Even if Obama is determined to release these rabid vermin on the rest of the world. He's already released hundreds of these vermin and sent them to countries that are Islamic countries, and who aren't going to do anything to stop them from killing more people.

LOTSA NEW GUNS: The American people are afraid—they see Obama releasing many domestic killers and importing thousands and thousands of Islamic terrorists, pretending they're “refugees.” Meanwhile doing everything he can to stop us from being able to buy guns for self defense. Or doing everything he can t make the guns we do have USELESS. They see trouble coming, and want to be armed to be able to defend themselves.

GUN BUYBACKS: They like to talk about all the guns they “got off the streets” in their “gun buyback programs,” but what they don't tell you is that most of the guns they get are old, useless guns that don't work any more. That's what people use them for: to turn old, useless guns into money to use in buying newer, better working guns. Nobody thinks about this, much less the anti-gun fools involved. They just keep on buying useless guns and thinking they're doing something great, while they're NOT. Like most of the anti-gun laws, gun buybacks don't work.

LOWER MINIMUM WAGE: It's easy to make the employment figures better, but the “powers that be” will not do it. Their brains (if any) are set in concrete. They think a higher minimum wage will make unskilled workers a lot of money. But, in actuality, all it does is force many businesses to close, or lay off many employees because they could no longer pay them the amount the politicians mandate, in their ignorance. Either way, the unemployment figures do not go down. But they'll never know that, because they're too ignorant. They've got their minds set, and they won't listen to reason.

CLASS WARFARE: Another thing that our politicians agree on, but which is wrong, is the “pipe dream” that the rich “do not pay their fair share.” That is so basically wrong that even the IRS agrees that it is wrong. But nobody's listening. There's one figure they can't argue with. That's that 86% of ALL income taxes paid are paid by the top 25% of wage earners! So they just ignore it and repeat their LIES—while those who pay no attention to politics until just before an election believe it.

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