Saturday, August 20, 2016

Obama's Very Busy

He's got to polish his golf balls. So I guess he just can't be bothered about the flooding in Louisiana. It's like a lot of important things Obama has ignored. “He's too busy.” But being president, he CAN'T be “too busy” to do something about a MAJOR catastrophe. He's using that as an EXCUSE not to care. Obama doesn't care about ANYTHING that doesn't advance his narrative, and the plight of the people of Louisiana doesn't do that. So he's not interested. So sayeth Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson, which is why Obama didn't interrupt his umpteenth “vacation” this year, to do anything about it. (Update: After trump "called him out," he caved and has announced he is cutting his "vacation [his sixth this year] and going to Louisiana.

CANCEL STUDENT DEBT”: That's what Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein says, echoing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and their SOCIALIST demands. Translated, she means WE ought to pay the freight for THEIR education while they get brainwashed to believe socialism is the best way to go. I don't know where all the socialist politicians come from, but there are too many of them. Socialism is all about FREEBIES for people who will not earn for themselves, with money STOLEN from those who DO. It is an economical theory based on THEFT, and people just can't see that.

RELEASING GUN VIOLATORS: They tell us they don't want to take away our right to own and use guns in self defense. But then to go right on trying to make laws to take away our guns. And failing that, to make them USELESS to us by making ammunition hard to get, and by making rules that make them USELESS. Like the Illinois law that requires concealed carriers to carry an UNLOADED gun  Then Obama, the top anti-gun fool in America, imports hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists who have SWORN to kill us and releases 56 CONVICTED gun criminals to plague us If you accept the idea that he is a saboteur, his actions are completely understandable.

ARRESTED FOR SELF DEFENSE: This guy was having a huge alligator chewing off his leg, so he shot him. Completely understandable, right? WRONG! Not to the local sheriff, who arrested him for “poaching” that alligator. Never mind if he hadn't shot him, he would now be legless,. And maybe lifeless. Where do they find these CLUELESS lawmen? To arrest a man for saving his own life and the life of his livestock is LUDICROUS! But try and tell that to this STUPID sheriff! We need to get rid of such people!

YOU TELL 'EM, DONALD! Donald Trump, who is very busy in his effort to replace Obama as president, went to Louisiana to do what he could to help the survivors of that massive flood. While there, he “called Obama out,” saying he should “leave his golf game” and go down there to see what HE could do to help. But, NO! He can't be bothered with anything other than to shave numbers off his golf score. He criticized Bush for not “jumping up and INSTANTLY going to Louisiana during their hurricane, But he can't be bothered to go there and help during an equally debilitating disaster. (Update. After Trump "called him out," he caved and is now going to go there.)

DEFENDING MUSLIM RAPISTS: The Muslim rape culture is even affecting CHILDREN! The rapists of this 5 year-old girl (a FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL!) in Idaho are having the case DEFENDED by the PROSECUTOR. And the rapists are neighborhood Muslim BOYS! (BOYS, not men!) He's trying to minimize their offense. I don't know where we get these FOOLS, but they seem to be proliferating on the landscape. Judges give Muslim fools six-figure “awards” in suits against employers who fired them for not doing their jobs. Presidents are importing them by the hundreds of thousands when anybody with a lick of sense can see it is an INVASION of Muslim terrorists!

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