Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Purposeful Misunderstanding

That's what the Hillary camp is doing in the “dustup” over Trump's comments on “banning” approval of Muslims emigrating here until we are better able to identify Islamic terrorists among them. He is NOT talking about a COMPLETE BAN on ALL Muslims, permanently. He is talking about differentiating between “peaceful Muslims” and Islamic terrorists we KNOW are “infiltrating” this country, bent on murder and mayhem. Anybody with a modicum of INTELLIGENCE can tell the difference, but Democrats and other liberals apparently don't have any. This is NOT based on “religion.” It is based on the DANGER Islamic terrorists represent to Americans.

KEEP FIRE DEPT. CLOSE: The way things are going between Hillary and Trump, when they actually MEET on stage at those three infamous “debates,” the sparks are going to fly, and may set the whole place on fire. So they'd better keep the Fire Department close by, just in case. Just like they keep ambulances on standby at auto races in case of injury. I'd be surprised if they didn't end up having fisticuffs, started by Hillary, hoping Trump's “being a gentleman” would keep her from getting hurt.

NEW WORLD ORDER CRAP: Obama says, “We must unite under the New World Order!” What a damned fool statement THAT is! But then, Obama is KNOWN for his damned fool statements. There is no reason we should EVER “unite” under that new world order crap. That's just socialist nonsense. Obama is a socialist, like the rest of the Democrat “establishment,” and he'll do anything, SAY anything, to move us closer to socialism.

BESTOWED” THE NOMINATION: Sen. John McCain says the Republican Party “bestowed” their nomination on Donald Trump. That's a typical political glossing over the facts. The Republicans did NOT “bestow” the nomination on Trump, he TOOK it. They couldn't stop him. It's time fools like McCain began to realize what's real, and not what he THINKS is real. We've really got some simpletons in politics. Jeeze!

TRUMP IS UNFIT! The liberals (Democrats) keep saying Trump is “unfit” to be president. Of course, they never give any ways in which he IS “unfit” to be president, because there aren't any. In reality, THEY are the ones that are unfit. Every president I know of was “unfit” to be president when he first entered office. Each one LEARNED what he needed to know under “on-the-job-training” (OJT). Trump is no more NOT equipped for the presidency than were any of them. Some just never learned. Others did. People have been underestimating Trump from the beginning. Which is one reason he has whipped them so badly, and will continue to do so.

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