Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Will Obama Accept Election?

There are rumors that Obama will not accept the election if Trump is elected. There have been such rumors before, but nobody took them seriously. But Obama is so well known for ignoring the Constitution, I think there's a real threat, now. If he does try and nullify the election and stay in office, a revolution is GUARANTEED. And if I were not pushing 80 and just barely able to walk, I'd be leading it. But this time there's no shortage of leaders for the revolution. Obama WILL be gone in January. Or before. Obama really believes he can pull that off!

DOESN'T WORK. GET MORE: The exceedingly tight anti-gun laws in Chicago clearly don't work. Just in the last month they have had 65 murders and 362 shooting incidents. So their new “top cop” wants more of the same. This guy is an example of the kind of politician they usually put in charge of the “cop shop” in places run by liberals (Democrats). He hasn't got a CLUE about how to stop the “gun violence, but feels called upon to “do something.” so he goes out and does the same old things that didn't work before. He did, however, so something right. He supported a bill now in their legislature to keep second offenders for gun crimes in prison longer.

DOING SOMETHING RIGHT: In Chicago, the new “top cop” is pushing the “same old things” in ”gun control,” mostly. But along with that, he is also agreeing with one measure now up for legislation that would keep repeat gun law offenders in prison for longer periods of time, which is a definite step in the right direction. Although a better thing would be to put FIRST-TIME gun offenders in prison for a long time, and repeat offenders in prison for life, whether or not he/she had taken a life. This is still a good law. I'm for it.

CAN HE BE THAT STUPID? Obama has signaled his intention to declare himself a dictator if Trump is elected, and never leave office. Can he really be so stupid as to think he can get away with that in a country where they still have their guns, in spite of his best efforts? Does he really think he has enough “accomplices” willing to act against the law to bring it off? If he tries it, that WILL bring on the “second American revolution” and he will probably die before it's over. If I were not a debilitated senior citizen, I would be a leader in that revolution.

KHAN A DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE: Yes, he did suffer the tragedy of losing his Muslim son in defense of this country. And I'm sorry for that. And it's not surprising that ANYBODY would assume his wife could be silenced, as most Muslim women are. But Khan was a liberal operative who was selling green cards to help more Muslims, and many Islamic terrorists enter this country. He was a Democrat operative, through and through. So it's no surprise he was FEATURED by the Democrats in an effort to derail Trump's efforts. What amazed me about him was that he actually had a pocket copy of the Constitution in his pocket to use in “shaming” Trump, while he actually felt that Sharia Law ought to be superior to the Constitution. So why should he be carrying a copy of the Constitution if he opposed it? I think a Democrat operative handed it to him just before his appearance, with instructions on how to use it to “shame” Trump.

GETTING TOO COCKY:  Obama is getting far too cocky for my taste. He violates the Constitution almost DAILY without reprisals because nobody calls him on it. But the things he violates it over are "small things," mostly that maybe they don't think worthy of opposition, or are AFRAID to go against him. But declaring himself DICTATOR is "no small thing," and I don't think even the weakest-minded fool will let him get away with it. There WILL be a revolution, and he will be toppled, maybe killed.

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