Thursday, September 1, 2016

Another Reason

There are plenty of reasons NOT to vote for Hillary. Enough to guarantee her a losing campaign if all the voters were paying attention to politics. But since a bunch of them are NOT, she's getting away with things that would have long since ruined a candidate's chances of EVER being elected to ANY office in the land. Now she's talking about forcing Americans to “bend to her will” and change their religious faith. Now that's something even the “no pay attentioners” will notice. And when they do, they're going to “turn away” so quickly they may hurt themselves. What a stupid, uh, witch she is!

CHICAGO--WAR ZONE: I'd be afraid to go to Chicago these days. There are more people killed in Chicago than in Falluja, which IS a “war zone.” Your chances of getting hit by a stray bullet in Chicago are high. That's in spite of the very tight gun laws there. Laws so tight that several of them have been DECLARED unconstitutional by the courts, to be quickly replaced by almost identical laws that are just as unconstitutional, to be enforced until they are declared unconstitutional in their turn. It's a scam Chicago politicians are good at.

FOLLOWING OBAMA'S LEAD: Obama thinks if the Congress doesn't “do his bidding,” they aren't “doing their job.” California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom thinks the same of the California Legislature. He's not satisfied with even their tightly restrictive laws governing LEGAL gun ownership and use, so he's sponsored a “voter initiative to make them even tougher. He foolishly says, “Gun control is the will of the people,” when it ISN'T. But he'll never know that. He isn't smart enough.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? I've just heard word that “Today's” Matt Lauer will “moderate” the first debate between Trump and Hillary. How do they do it? How do they get such people assigned to “moderate” these debates? People who can be counted on to ask the dumbest questions going? Questions guaranteed to make Trump look foolish, while building Hillary up even more than the liberal media does, every day? Why do people like Trump go along with this, so obvious “fix?”

ENFORCE CURRENT GUN LAWS! Obama and his accomplices in crime constantly pound at Congress to pass more and more anti-gun laws. But they don't bother to enforce CURRENT gun laws! They routinely “waive” those charges (which can add TEN YEARS or more to the sentence he gets for other crimes) to get confessions to other crimes. They SAY that's just “good police work,” but I say it's just cover for incompetence. Maybe that's what they do to cause more gun crime so they can make even tighter gun laws for honest people. I can't feature any other reason.

NO DEBATE ON IT: Professors at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs have told their students NOT to debate “climate change.” I guess they're just afraid the students will find out climate change is bogus—just a big CON. One that, under it's former name, “global warming,” made AlGore a BILLIONAIRE. And even such luminaries as Barack Obama are taking it up, because he sees more billions, and more power, to be gained from the LIE. The “believers” even want laws to be made making it a criminal offense” to question climate change. Boy, are they AFRAID!

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