Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Racist Community College

The Moraine Valley Community college in Palos Hills, Illinois, has instituted some classes that are ONLY available to black people (There, I've gone and done it. I've actually called black people “black people!” Oh, well!). And they don't even realize how RACIST that is. They think it's okay because it only benefits black people. What if we started a class for ONLY white people? That would be declared racist, immediately! But, NO! They deny their action is racist. Of course.

VOLLEYBALL SIGNALS: I've just seen a story about how women's volleyball players signal one another. I can't think of a single reason why I should be interested in that, except that it gives them an excuse to take “up close photos” of the player's butts in their VERY tight Bikini bottoms. Not that I'm complaining, mind you, but it is kinda obvious. Their Bikini bottoms are so tight, they might as well be naked.

MORE BUCKS FOR IRAN: Iran is angling to get even more pallets of money for the release of their other American kidnapees. They've got a regular profitable business going on there, and it is of immeasurable help to the Islamic terrorists, whom they support. Do you think it is just stupidity on Obama's part to pay them off? It's not. It's all part of his plan to make the Islamic terrorists as powerful as he can. Iran will be capturing more and more Americans who are stupid enough to stay in Iran for any time at all, PRETENDING they violated Iran laws. But make no mistake. It's for the money. And Obama is a willing participant.

IT MUST BE NICE: To be able to take a beloved symbol of our freedoms and label it “racist,” as liberals have done with the Gadsden Flag. They did it to the “Rebel Flag” from the North/South war, too, although it was primarily a symbol of the South's fight for state's rights, not to retain slavery. I wonder what they'll label racist next? The “Stars and Stripes?” Talk about “truth is lie” and “lie is truth!” Liberals have made it very hard to identify the difference between truth and lie because they tell so many lies and obfuscate so much truth.

TWISTING THINGS: That's what the Democrats do best. Twisting innocent things into guilty things to avoid talking about their own crimes. That's what they're doing in the case of Trump's bad joke about the NRA “doing something about” Hillary appointing liberal judges IF she manages to con her way into the White House, as Obama did. Maybe they should talk about the astronomical unemployment figures (the REAL ones, not Obama's PHONY ones), and the other STUPID things Democrats have foisted upon us, like the $15.00 minimum wage and MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms, and “gay marriage.”

BETTER THAN COPS: A report just issued by the Crime Prevention Research Center shows that “concealed carriers” are the most law-abiding people there are. Moreso, in fact, than COPS! In fact, more COPS commit crimes with their guns than concealed carriers! And they are the ones who are SUPPOSED to defend us against crime. The number of crimes committed by concealed carriers number less than a SIXTH of those committed by COPS!

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