Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hillary's Excesses

Hillary Clinton keeps trying to convince us she's “jes' folks,” like all of us. Then she charters a private airplane to travel 20 miles from Nantucket to Martha's Vineyard to her exclusive birthday party. She's having a harder and harder time convincing us when she does things like that. I have to travel 20 miles to pay my cable bill monthly because Comcast screwed me up on paying by debit card, by double debiting me a few months ago, but I don't charter a plane. I drive. As most old guys pushing 80 do.

I DON'T WORRY ABOUT POLITICS”: Obama is in Louisiana, to make it look like he cares. And while there, he talks about the criticism heaped upon him for not coming off the golf course to do something about it. While doing so, he says, “I don't pay much attention to politics.” Really? Then why are you in Louisiana, and not still on the golf course in Martha's Vineyard, with the Clintons? Why did it take Trump “calling you out” to get you down there?

HE'S DOING HIS PART: Former Democrat Party Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who, after his stint as chairman, conned his way into the governorship of Virginia, has “done his part” to get Hillary (the crook) elected president. He has changed a law, allowing FELONS to vote in his state, which will GUARANTEE many votes for Hillary. In appreciation, if nothing else. Not that criminals wouldn't vote for her, anyway, because they feel she is a “kindred soul,” considering how many laws she has violated, and gotten away with, because of her “friends.”

TEACH 'EM HOW: One of the things the NRA does well is teach kids and adults how to shoot guns safely, and how to handle them safely, so they're no longer a “mystery” to be “investigated.” Which will reduce the possibility of them shooting themselves or others by accident, which the anti-gun fools don't like because it will make their predictions untrue and they will not make as much money disarming the nation in opposition to the Constitution.

GITTIN' TIRED OF IT! I'm really getting tired of trying to pound sense into the granite-hard heads of the anti-gun fools. I tell them and tell them that making a LAW against the criminals carrying guns if they have a record won't stop them for a minute. It will just force them to get their guns from that “back alley gun salesman.” I tell them their “gun laws” will not work, and they keep making them, hoping for a different result. I tell them “gun-free zones” are WORTHLESS and are an ENGRAVED INVITATION to shooters, since they know that law-abiding people will obey, and they keep pressuring people to create them..

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Liberals (progressives) have been griping about cops killing people for a long time. Now they want cops to be the only ones who have guns? Proving they have no common sense or logic.... Hillary has made so many mistakes in her “government service” that I'm surprised she has ANY support, even from gullible Democrats. She has gotten many people killed. But she wants to make more mistakes as president.... Twice in a row, Congress has sent anti-gun fools packing, but they're already plotting their next assault on our Second Amendment rights. They're DETERMINED to disarm us to make us “easier to handle.”

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