Saturday, August 27, 2016

Kroger to MOMS: "Stick It!"

“MOMS Against Guns” or some such, have been putting pressure on Kroger Stores to make their stores “gun-free zones.” Which would clear the way for a would-be shooter to come in and shoot them up, not worrying about there being a gun there in the hands of a law-abiding person who might shoot him before he can kill very many people. Kroger told them to “take it and stick it,” that “We obey local laws.” Which makes Kroger Stores safer places to shop than some others I could name.

INSISTING ON STUPID: Recently, Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Rubio put forth legislation to protect and restore Second Amendment rights in DC. IN response, Rep. Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) better known as the “Hairless wonder” said “The GOP defense of gun rights is like bullying.” That's a typical response from an anti-gun fool. Any defense of a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution has got to be “bullying, because she doesn't like it. Never mind the anti-gun efforts by people such as her IS “bullying.” Not LIKE bullying, BULLYING!

DON'T QUESTION HILLARY: Board Certified doctor Drew Pinskey openly questioned Hillary's health, and, immediately, HLN Network (A CNN “spinoff” RUN by a CNN executive, canceled his show without mentioning the reason for the action. But people “in the know” suggest that Hillary's thugs might have had a hand in the firing of this well respected doctor. You don't want to question anything about Hillary on a liberal-run network like HLN! Not if you want to keep your job, that is. Maybe the good doctor should talk to Fox about a similar show.

TRADING RACIST CHARGES: The liberal media told the story as “Trump and Hillary trading racism charges,” rather than emphasize ONLY Trump's “:unwarranted racism charges” as they usually would. Maybe they're “wising up” a little, but I don't think so. Their coverage doesn't indicate any support or non-support for their positions, which smacks of “neutral coverage,” which I didn't think the liberal media was capable of. The fact is Hillary IS a racist, as are most of the liberals running the Democrat Party Democrats have always been the racist party. Martin Luther King marched against DEMOCRATS, not against Republicans, who PASSED the Civil Rights Act, while Democrats filibustered it.

EVEN LIBERALS WORRIED: Ken grossman, liberal writer for the Chicago Tribune, thinks Trump should be elected, even though he thinks Trump will “trash the Constitution,” something Hillary and her latest mentor, Barack Obama, have already done. Obama has many times overstepped his authority, making “executive orders” and enforcing them as law. Even though they are NOT law, for us. They only apply to government employees and agencies. But he USES them as laws, and nobody objects, so he gets away with it. But he has been going too far, and even making liberals mad. It'll be good when (IF) he's out of office.

IT'S NOT ABOUT RELIGION: Trump's suggestion to keep certain Muslims out until they can be properly “vetted” has nothing to do with their RELIGION. It has EVERYTHING to do with the propensity of many Muslims to kill people who do not believe in their phony “religion.” They play the religion thing up, because that's an important part of their scam: to use religion to stop us from defending ourselves against the fools who want to kill us.

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