Friday, August 5, 2016

Just Like Obama

Obama is well known for coming out every other day and making ludicrous statements we all know are not true. I guess the president of CNN has taken a page out of his book with his recent claim that CNN is “truly fair and balanced,” when it is NOT, and we KNOW it's not. Maybe he thinks saying it will make it true. Al-Jazeera is the only network I know LESS “fair and balanced” than is CNN, and I believe they've already “gone under.”: Is CNN next?

WHO DOES HE CALL? The New Black Panther leader who fully supports the “Black Lives Matter crap got robbed the other day. So who did he call? If you guessed the cops, you'd be right. Reality intervenes when he gets robbed like other people, and he calls the cops that he “disses” every day to help. And do they refuse to help? No. They do their jobs, even if he is a di-k.

TRUMP IS UNFIT”: Obama says Trump is not fit to serve as president. How would he know? Her hasn't had a fit day since he was inaugurated. He is the most INCOMPETENT president since Jimmy Carter. And that's saying something. What the hell makes this fool think he is even QUALIFIED to say who is or is not “fit” to be president? He is so incompetent he thinks he can ignore the election if Trump wins. The minute Trump is inaugurated he is no longer president and can no longer give orders to his “protectors.” So he will be REMOVED from the Oval Office if they need to DRAG him out, kicking and screaming.

THEY WISH: It is said that the Republicans are preparing for Trump to drop out of the race over his remarks about Khan's wife. They think he will, but they're STUPID. Khan is a Muslim promoter who sells green cards to allow as many Muslims (including Muslim terrorists) to enter the U. S., then go out and kill us for not believing in their phony “religion.” This whole thing was a setup by the Democrats, and Khan is a Democrat operative who was a willing accomplice to the scam. Trump walked right into the trap. But if they think Trump is going to quit, they're DERANGED!

IT'S A DIVERSION! The push to allow boys and men into girl's and women's bathrooms and changing rooms is just a diversion to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we won't notice all the nasty things Obama is doing to us. The “gay marriage” controversy falls under the same category. While we're arguing about redefining the very WORD “marriage,” we're not worrying about Obama almost DOUBLING the amount we owe (the national debt) in just 8 years, or any of his other outrages, which include MILLIONS of unemployed that he isn't counting, so he can give us phony unemployment numbers..

ASSERTION WITHOUT INFORMATION: Trump's enemies regularly make the assertion that he is “unfit” to be president. But they never give any REAL reasons WHY he is “unfit,” because there aren't any. When pressed, all they give are generalities without proof. Like Harry Reid's unproven assertion that Romney hadn't paid his taxes in 10 years, based on a “tip” from an unnamed “friend” whose name we never were able to learn. Maybe it was his “imaginary rabbit.”

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