Monday, August 29, 2016

Buying the BS

49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is refusing to stand while the National Anthem is played before a game. Okay,Colin, you don't HAVE TO strand. Nor do you have to stand from your position on the bench to play the game either, therefore not getting a chance to show what talent you may have and improve your position in the game. Yes, you're not required to stand. You can show your RACISM all you want while people judge you on it. We can see you've “bought the horse manure” put out by the “Black Lives Matter” fools, who are creating the very atmosphere they CLAIM they're protesting.

ANTHONY DID IT AGAIN! Huma Abedin's husband, a FORMER politician, whose run for mayor of New York City was “shot down” by the revelation that he Tweeted out a picture of his “weiner” on Twitter, hopefully to get extra-curricular sex. Apparently, he didn't learn his lesson, because he's still “sexting,” and Huma (Hillary's close “confidante”) is tired of it. She has announced that she is leaving him. Frankly, if I had a wife that looks like that, I wouldn't ”go out on her.” I've speculated that the reason both she and Hillary don't really give much of a damn about either of their husband's “sexcapades” is that they satisfy each other. But you can go too far, and Anthony has done it. I hate the idea that Anthony came so close to running NYC, but he couldn't be worse than the one now running it.

SHERIFF BETTER WATCH OUT: He's “displeasing” the “powers that be” with his truthful rhetoric, and, like Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, they're going to come up with some phony charges to lay on him if he keeps talking the same way. He's telling the world all their secrets, and they can't have that. They'll soon be doing everything in their power to discredit him. How this conservative got elected in this liberal stronghold is a mystery to me, in the first place. And he'd better be alert as he drives home. We can't afford to loser any sheriffs like him. And the enemies of liberals are often known to die in strange “accidents' –like committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head, TWICE.

SPENDING YOUR MONEY: Liberals like Obama and “Ol' Joe” Biden love to spend YOUR money. From Obama giving $4 billion in CASH to Iran to “Ol' Joe” pledging to give $2.45 MILLION to AmTrak, one wonders where they GET so much money to give away, with a national DEBT of almost $20 Trillion dollars. Of course, it's actually easy to figure out. They're “mortgaging our children's future.” THEY will be expected to pay that off, including all the interest we have to pay right along. After PRINTING the money.

ALWAYS TRY THE TRUTH”: That's what Hillary says: “We always TRY to tell the truth!” What kind of obfuscation is THAT? You either tell the truth, or you LIE. That's a pure SUBJECTIVE notion. That you can be LYING without knowing it. When you LIE, you KNOW you're lying, as she certainly does. There is no “trying” to tell the truth, unless you're an imbecile. This is typical horse manure put out by a congenital liar.

TRUMP OPENLY RACIST? That's what that fool quarterback who refused to stand for the National Anthem said. Of course, he can't give any examples of that, because there aren't any. That's because the REAL racists are the DEMOCRATS! They have a habit of accusing Republicans of racism, when the Democrat Party INVENTED racism. They CREATED the Ku Klux Klan while their cooperative president had laws made to prevent blacks from owning guns, so as to make them “easy pickings" for the Klan. They created Planned Parenthood for the expressed (in public) purpose of “killing off” as many BLACK babies as they could. I could give a lot more examples but I don't have room here.

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