Thursday, August 18, 2016

It Is A BASIC Right!

No matter how anti-gun politicians (and their “useful idiots” try to deny it, self defense, and the right to own and use the tools to that end are NOT “given to us” by the Constitution. The Constitution only RECOGNIZED that as a BASIC RIGHT, and pledged to defend and protect it, even if they must be used against our own government, to keep them from oppressing us. The Constitution gives us NOTHING. It only guarantees to protect our rights.

IT'S INSANE!” Tom Arnold, the guy who rode his wife's skirts to fame, then abandoned her (or did she abandon him?), now thinks he has a right to judge people who value the right to self defense, and to own and use the tool for that, a gun. He says those who think owning a gun is a “God-given right” are INSANE! It's NOT a “God-given right,” it' a “right of birth!” By being BORN you have that right! And the Constitution recognizes, and pledges to preserve and defend that right. Where does he get off pretending to say who is, or is not, “insane?”

YOU DIDN'T BUILD THAT”: That's the tune being sung by the liberals, these days, saying that whatever YOU built wasn't built by you because you had to depend on others for services you couldn't do yourself. That's a typically FALSE opinion. If YOU want to accomplish something, they won't help you if you don't get things started, yourself, and YOU lead them to supply what you need. You DID “build that!” If somebody else wanted to build that, they'd have done it before you asked for help, for which you PAID. That's the free market.

NO EVIDENCE”: That's what Harry Reid says about all of Hillary's scandals. “There's 'no evidence' she broke any laws.” But there IS “evidence,” it's just being ignored by the people who should be acting on it. The “no evidence” ploy has long been a scam used by Democrats. But “no evidence” doesn't mean they're not guilty. It only means we haven't FOUND the evidence, yet. But it's there. Well hidden by their cronies.

HE ISN'T EVIL”: Would you believe it? A FEMINIST web site is saying that Bill Clinton may have raped Juanita Brodderick, but that doesn't mean he's evil.” What are they SMOKING? That DOES mean he is evil! No amount of denying it will make it into realism. Anybody who forcibly rapes a woman IS evil, former president, or not. And a woman who ENABLES his rapes is worse. There's no telling how many women this rapist raped that we don't know about. Rapists don't only rape once. His wife knows that, covered his rapes, and is now running for president. Her political career needs to be ENDED.

RACISTS FIGHT RACISTS: Up to now, the WHITE racist Ku Klux Klan had the field all to themselves. There were no BLACK racist organizations strong enough to oppose them. Now, with George Soros giving $600,000.00 to”Black Lives Matter (BLM),” the black equivalent of the Klan, only against WHITES, while Obama supports them. They're strong enough to be “a problem” for the Klan. So the Klan plans to disrupt the “Black Lives Matter” gathering in Westhampton Beach, in the Hamptons. Look for more such clashes in the future, as BLM becomes more and more powerful, and the Klan fights back. Soon, we'll have a full-blown race war, and that suits Obama just fine. It lets him take more control over all our lives.

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