Monday, August 8, 2016

Snoop Dawg Cusses Trump

He actually did it in a song. And people are going nuts over it. But I say, what's the big deal? Who cares what a fool like Snoop Dawg says, or thinks? He isn't good for anything except entertaining another bunch of fools who like what he puts out. Yeah, they'll call me racist for this, but, black or white, what he puts out is crap. And I don't give a rat's patootie what they call me. People make way too much out of what fools like this think.

NOT A DATABASE”: It's a “repository!” That's the latest scam being run by the anti-gun fools. They know it's illegal for the feds to create ANY new databases, so that's not what they call it. But if it functions like a database, and LOOKS like a database, it IS a database! No matter what they call it. When they get sued for violating the law, that will be their defense: “We didn't start a database, we started a repository.” You and I will know it's a database, and so will they. But they'll deny it to their dying day and they'll probably win in court, too, if they get liberal judges, who will go right along with their subterfuge. They're now using that scam to cover their new databases of gun owners, and voters who “pay no attention to politics” believe them.

AN OPEN INVITATION: The “no-gun rule” in effect at the Iowa State Fair is an “open, gilt-edged invitation” for anybody who wants to come there and shoot the place up, as is ANY “gun-free zone.” Aside from the Illinois law that allows “open carry” but requires the gun carried to be UNLOADED, this is about the stupidest thing they do. Creating “gun-free zones” where a potential mass shooter can be pretty sure there will be no guns there in the hands of possible victims.

DON'T BELIEVE THE POLLS: They're all skewed to show what the pollsters want you to think. Currently, they're working HARD to defeat Donald Trump. Hillary should be way down in the polls because of her criminal activity. You know, such things as accepting millions of dollars in “donations” (bribes) from FOREIGN SOURCES, thinly disguised as “donations” to her foundation, to all the people who die mysteriously before they can tell us her secrets (something Bill has done for a long time, and the list of dead people is long, for him, but a little shorter for her--so far).

ENDORSING HILLARY: The Communist Party USA has endorsed Hillary for president. Surprise, surprise! They figure she will do a lot more to advance their goals to enslave the US than Trump will, and they're right. I'm sure she hates this endorsement, because it tells us things she would rather we not know. That, between the two candidates, she represents their best chance to make this into a collectivist nation, under either socialism or communism, which are two sides of the same coin. Both are collectivism, based on the theft from the PRODUCERS of new wealth, and GIFTING those who don't earn for themselves.

IMMIGRANTS SHOULD BE LEGAL: Hillary and the Democrats make a big thing about it, any time Trump says ANYTHING against illegal immigrants. They don't differentiate between legal and ILLEGAL immigrants like he does, so they can make him sound “anti-immigrant.” He's not. He just wants them to be LEGAL. But liberals (Democrats) will never make that connection. It's like them taking a joke he made about a crying baby out of context and falsely told the world for a WEEK he was a “baby-hater,” that he had the baby thrown out, which he did NOT. Even that baby's mother thinks that's a lot of horse manure!

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