Sunday, August 7, 2016

HIllary Likes Baby Killers

Have you had unprotected sex, gotten pregnant? Want to get out of the responsibility to raise the resulting human being? Just contact Planned Parenthood. They'll murder that baby for you for a “small fee.” And Hillary Clinton APPROVES of these baby murdering monsters! I never thought I'd see the day when a presidential candidate, especially a WOMAN, who APPROVED of killing innocent little babies. Hillary has ENDORSED the practice. For that, she should be imprisoned, if nothing else!

I'LL FIX THAT”: Obama says that the Constitution has been misunderstood for 200 years (As usual, his figures are wrong). And he thinks he can “fix that”
with his executive orders. I swear, that fool thinks he is “all powerful” and can “fix” the Constitution (that has nothing wrong with it) with a few executive orders! I got a clue, Barack: there's nothing wrong with the Constitution, and it's YOU who misunderstands the Constitution! On purpose! So you can step on our rights.

HILLARY AGAINST LAW ENFPRCEMENT: Rudy Giuliani says Hillary is against law enforcement. Which is not surprising. Most CRIMINALS think the same. They all want to get rid of law enforcement so they can more easily commit their crimes. She would not allow a uniformed cop on the floor at the DNC. That, by itself, should tell you a lot about why we should NEVER vote for Hillary. Then think about the fact that she SOUGHT the endorsement of the “Black Lives Matter” fools.

DOCTORS AND GUNS: Has your doctor asked you yet if you have any guns? And if so, how many and what kind? The feds are ordering them to do so, without telling anybody they are not bound to answer. So if your doctor hasn't asked you yet, so he/she can report it to the feds, just tell him/her, if he/she asks, “It's none of your business.” And if he/she refuses to treat you without an answer, find a new doctor. And keep doing it until you find one smart enough to accept your answer.

NO SECURITY CLEARANCE: Hillary should have her security clearance stripped away because she's too stupid and/or careless with government secrets to have one. Will that mean she can not become president, no matter what the voters say? Absolutely. And nothing could be more right. This woman thinks laws don't apply to her. She violates the law regularly, with impunity, because she has Bill and Barack in her corner, nobody will call her on it.

HILLARY AND “AH”: I listened to a recent interview Hillary had (By accident, I never listen to her bray on purpose) I was trying to taker a nap and I thought it might help me fall asleep. It sure helped Bill.) But one thing I noticed right away. She began every sentence with the word, “Ah.” She must have said that word several hundred times during that short interview. I think that's a “tell” that happens when she's lying, which is every time she opens her mouth (except when she's on a teleprompter). Then the teleprompter is lying.

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