Saturday, April 30, 2016

They're Really Scared!

Liberals are really frightened of Donald Trump. They're pulling out all the stops to keep him from speaking to as many people as possible, knowing what he says will ultimately destroy them, especially if he is actually elected president. They're not depending on the election process to defeat him because they know he is probably the ONLY candidate who can beat Hillary OR Bernie, and that makes them wet their skivvies. So they use professional demonstrators to stage riots at his rallies, and work hard to keep him from being able to deliver his message.

TARGET STOCK DOWN: Surprise, surprise! Target stock “took a nose dive” after they announced their stupid policy to allow MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms. Those rooms have always been separate for a GOOD, and logical reason: man and women are different, and BOTH (whether or not you know it) like to dress and undress without members of the opposite sex looking at them and ogling them—unless they're about to have sex—which doesn't apply here. Their action cost them about $2.5 BILLION! A lot of money for a little social experimentation.

HOW STUPID IT'S BECOME: I wonder how many Americans are so stupid as to not see how stupid the things Democrats want to do ARE. Things like letting MEN into women's , restrooms, letting gays change the very definition of the WORD “:marriage, legalize the use of marijuana (as if we didn't have enough legal intoxicants, already), making self defense illegal, in spite of constitutional guaranteed for it, and many other things INTELLIGENT people revere. It was liberals who wanted to punish an Army sergeant for “confronting” a Muslim pervert who was screwing a little boy on a regular basis, and who beat his mother unmercifully for objecting. Fortunately, “wiser heads” intervened and that sergeant will not be separated

MORE STUPIDITY: The whole anti-gun movement is pursued by fools who believe that CRIMINALS, who obey NO LAWS, will obey a law that says they can't be armed, or that they won't bring their guns into various places that put up SIGNS saying, “no guns allowed.” They've made many laws, in many places, to that effect, and NONE of them have worked to reduce gun violence because gun violence is not committed by law-abiding people. Criminals just get their guns illegally, and take them where they want. They don't carry them unloaded, as some laws require, either. They don't obey ANY laws.

HE GOT SMART: Will Ferrell has withdrawn his participation in a film that mocked the Alzheimer's Disease suffered in his later years by a national hero, Ronald Reagan. I know Reagan isn't as much of a hero to liberals, but liberals are in the MINORITY in the United States, and don't count. He must have been made to understand that, and the effect participating in such a project would have on his career. Ferrell has done some dumb movies, including his parody of other American heroes, NASCAR drivers, without much damage to his career. But to mock Reagan's Alzheimer's? That's pure stupidity!

VIDEO SHOWS REAL ISIS: A recent video that came out showed graphically that ISIS “fighters” aren't the “polished,” competent fighters they are portrayed as by ISIS propagandists. They're disorganized, and afraid. In this video. They couldn't even keep track of their guns or ammunition. The guy whose camera was filming the action was killed, and left the video behind, to be found by Americans later and released, to show how inept they were. They tell us how they will RULE us, but they're barely holding on, by mostly attacking only “soft targets.,” most of whom are UNARMED, and defenseless.

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