Sunday, May 1, 2016

Green Light In Iraq

Obama gave his friends, the Islamic terrorists in Iraq, a “green light” to continue it's killing ways when he withdrew his troops after announcing it. Iraq was one of “two wars” Obama claims to have “stopped.” In reality, he didn't “stop” anything. All he did was tell his people to “cut and run.” Which played right into the hands of our enemies there, which was his plan. Liberals say we should never have gone into Iraq, that it was “not out war.” But it WAS “our war.” We COULD have stopped the rise of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists in Iraq AND Afgthanistan. But he chose to run, and abandon them. Now we have “suicide bombers” all over Iraq, and Iraq is pretty much LOST.

CRUZ “WAY AHEAD OF TRUMP?” Nobody asked the voters to find those figures. Indiana voters have put Trump way ahead of Cruz, which proves just how wrong those polls can be. Especially when they only poll in areas where anti-Trump people live. Many times, they have polls where Democrats win big that were taken just outside Democrat Party headquarters, or in neighborhoods KNOWN to be Democrat strongholds. Another scam is in the questions asked, or the WAY the questions are asked. In other words, polls can be made to say anything the pollsters wish for them to say.

STUPID IDEAS: A Lutheran has posited that Jesus was LGBT. I swear! Some people can come up with really STUPID ideas! If Jesus was the “Son of God,” he didn't NEED to be straight, or gay, or transgendered, or ANYTHING regarding sex. In fact, he didn't need to worry about sex at all. What STUPIDITY drives people who make such demented comments amazes me. Somebody needs to slap this fool down. If Jesus was the “Son of God,” he had no need of “Earthly pleasures.”

UP TO A MILLION NOW: Up to a MILLION people are now boycotting Target Stores because of their bathroom policies. That will cost them $BILLIONS. Maybe they ought to rethink their bathroom policies before it causes them to go bankrupt. I don't usually participate in boycotts, because they usually only cause a ripple of trouble, and I won't participate in this one, though I did sign the petition. But I do agree that their decision to let MEN go in women's bathrooms and changing rooms is a STUPID decision. Just as is their decision to ask people to leave their guns at home—which will be IGNORED by bad guys and only obeyed by honest people, who aren't a danger, anyway.

GOVERNMENT WATCH LISTS: It's a damned shame there are no “hard and fast rules” governing a politician's ability to put people on the “terrorist watch list. So Obama is able to put HIS ENEMIES on those lists, while they may be simple PATRIOTS. Putting them on those watch lists does many things, among them limiting their right to own guns for self defense, get on an airplane, etc. It also opens them up to much more criticism than before—all because Obama thinks ANY opposition to his wishes makes them terrorists. That's the action of a DICTATOR, which Obama thinks he is.

EVEN MORE STUPIDITY: Gonna be a lotta sex goin' on in women's prisons soon. Liberals, in their stupidity, have decreed that all a man has to do while in prison to get sent to a WOMEN'S prison is say that he “thinks” of himself as a woman, and they'll send him to a woman's prison, where it will be impossible for guards to control the interaction between men and women. So count on it, there's gonna be a lotta sex goin' on there. It just gets stupider and stupider!

WHO DECIDED? Who decided that “only whites” could be guilty of racism? BLACKS, of course! That's a common delusion of the black racists. They say only whites can be racists to mask their OWN racism. And that's the racism that's overtaking us these days, with the “Black Lives Matter” fools leading the way, and (mostly black) thugs who just want to kill cops, following. They have taken advantage of Obama calling everybody who disagrees with his policies (and that's most intelligent people) racist.

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