Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hillary Wants Your Money

Hillary was recently asked by a newspaper, preparatory to their picking her, “How much will all your giveaway programs cost?” And she replied: “About a TRILLION dollars.” That's “about a TRILLION dollars out of YOUR pocket, if you earn money. If you work and earn money, YOU are going to have to pay for her giveaway programs. She has no money to give away (She has plenty, but she's not giving any of it away). So she gives away YOUR money to the “drones” of society.

PLAYING A DANGEROUS GAME: Russian “boss man” Vladmir Putrid—er, uh, Putin, is playing a dangerous game as he directs his fighter jets to “buzz” American Naval vessels and disrupt their operations (TELL me those pilots do it without orders from their government!). Yes, I know, we're not “technically” at war with Russia at this time, but that could change at any moment. We weren't “technically” at war with Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor. Obama should send Putrid—uh, Putin a message that the next time a Russian plane buzzes an American ship we will shoot it down. And if one does, SHOOT it down. That will either put an end to his “games,” or start the war he is trying to instigate. He says he "doesn't understand" America's concern. If that's true, he's stupider than I thought.

JUDGE SENDS HIM TO JAIL: Adult court Judge sends the “Affluenza Kid” to prison for TWO YEARS for killing those four innocent people in a drunken crash. He thought being a spoiled brat would save him from meaningful punishment for his crime. Then he and mom ran away to Mexico. But when he gets out, he'll WISH he had stayed and accepted his short probation. I hope, for his sake, they put him in his own cell. He's “too purty” to do very well in the general population in an adult prison.

MYTH OF BLACK ON BLACK CRIME”: The fool leading the “Black Lives Matter” bunch of thugs gave a speech about the “myth” of black on black crime. Hey, dumb butt, it's not a myth! All you have to do is look at the FBI statistics to see that. And no, the FBI isn't LYING. They have no reason to. You DO. Dumb butts like you think that all you have to do is claim something and it's true (you learned that from the liberals). But it ain't gonna work. We're smarter that you are, which you've just proven if you think we'll believe that BS.

SEASAME STREET CAPITULATES: Muslims are pressuring lots of organizations to “recognize” Islam, and many are “falling right into line,” tugging their forelock and capitulating to them. Sesame Street, a favorite kid's show, is one of the latest do do so by adding a dark-skinned female wearing a Hijab to their cast, therefore legitimizing (in the minds of impressionable children) Islam in their minds. What they ought to do is add another character, wearing Muslim garb, who is headless, commemorating their tendency to behead CHILDREN.

MAKE BEHEADING LAWFUL: Beheading has long been unlawful as an execution method in America, although all the other methods of execution leave the criminal just as dead, though sparing them from the pain of beheading or firing squads in their deaths. I think they should keep the “other methods” in the case of common criminals, but bring back beheading as a punishment for KNOWN Islamic terrorists, since they seem to like to behead innocent people. They should be forced to suffer it, themselves.

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