Monday, April 4, 2016

Creating Gun Violence

How do you “create gun violence” to give yourself an excuse to pass more anti-gun laws? First, import Islamic terrorists by the hundreds of thousands. They can't afford the passage? Easy: pay it for them so they'll come here and kill Infidels. Then release 33 convicted felons who were convicted for gun violence so they can add their offenses to the din that will allow you to better disarm America. That's Obama's plan.

LAYING THE BLAME: One of the most important things to do in fighting something is to properly lay the blame for starting it. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark has done that in the “War of Cops” that is raging now, with more and more criminals ambushing unsuspecting cops and killing them. He says, “Obama started it.” And he's right. Everything Obama does regarding cops adds to the din. Rhetoric, some coming right out of the White House, CREATED the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is just a sub-group of the “War on Cops.” It's all part of Obama's “war on guns.”

NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS”: Hillary says, “An unborn person has no constitutional rights.” What unmitigated GALL this woman has! Apparently she also thinks they don't have the right to be ALIVE. So it's okay to MURDER them as long as they haven't yet come out of the womb. So women can MURDER their children for their own convenience, so long as he/she is still in the womb, though as soon as it passed into the world, to murder it is a CRIME. Typical liberal twisted thinking.

MORALE IS SUFFERING”: As usual, Obama is out there feeding us lies. He's now saying, “ISIS morale is suffering.” So the hell WHAT? Why their morale would be suffering after Obama's FEEBLE attempts to “control them,” not DESTROY them, I don't know. Sure, they're suffering a little in Syria. But they're “branching out” into Belgium, France, and other places, including America. And they're catching people unaware, killing many, at the cost of only one or two of their people because their targets are places where America's gun laws make them reasonably sure there will be no guns there to oppose them..

THERE'S THAT “CODE” AGAIN: Liberals constantly use the “racism” charge to blunt criticism. And in so doing, they use the claim that certain words are “code” to mean something else so they can claim racism where it does not exist. Now they're saying “religious liberty” is “code” for discrimination. Which means mentioning a constitutional protection is racism. What a bunch of damfool idiots! And these fools are good at stealing elections, so they seem to remain “in power” forever. We've got to change that.

VETS LOSE GUN RIGHTS: Veterans know how to use guns, and how to be responsible in using them. But Obama's government has revoked the gun rights of over 250,000 vets on spurious reasons. Vets who have appointed somebody to handle their financial affairs have been declared “mentally defective” whether they are, or not. This is the kind of chicanery Obama is known for. He finds some phony “reason” to deny certain groups their rights. Not just gun rights, but wherever he wants to take away somebody's rights. Damn! It's like having a Mafia Don running the government.

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