Sunday, April 10, 2016

Islamic Terrorism IS World War III

That's what former Congressman Frank Wolf says, and what ANYBODY with brains realizes. And we'd better realize it pretty soon, and start more than a “feeble effort” to fight it. No, we're not “at war with Islam.” We're DEFENDING against a war STARTED by Islamic terrorists that's rapidly going world wide. If Obama doesn't wake up and admit it soon, we're goners. But I don't think he will. I think he's a “closet Muslim” who WANTS them to win. He's a TRAITOR to his county (I THINK it's his country).

WHO WANTS BERNIE? There's only one reason why ANYBODY would want Bernie Sanders, an ADMITTED socialist (thief) as president. Either they're stupid and have been thoroughly brainwashed, or they “want a free ride” at the expense of somebody else. The government (under Bernie) promises MANY “free rides,” and that appeals to them. They don't think that through enough to understand that people like Bernie want to be a dictator, and will work HARD to accomplish that. Socialism means slavery.

THE “RIGHT TO CHOOSE”: That's what pro-abortion fools say about KILLING infants before they even get a CHANCE at life. They cry that “it's a woman's right to choose what happens to her body.” If that were true, they'd legalize prostitution. What it is, is MURDERING a child for the CONVENIENCE of the parents, who had unprotected sex and want to KILL the result, so they won't have to raise it. Abortion may be an option in extreme cases where it's birth would mean the DEATH of the mother. But in no other case. ADOPTION is a viable option in rape cases. Anybody who insists otherwise condones MURDER.

HEALTH CARE WORKERS QUIT: And where do they go? McDonald's! Because they can make more money there. Contrary to usual belief, they can make up to $14 an hour there, while falling Medicare reimbursement in Texas makes it almost impossible to pay them enough to work at long-time care facilities. Which also tends to reduce the quality of care at those facilities, which can mean DEATH for their patients. As a man “pushing 80,” that concerns me very much. If it's happening in Texas, how long before it happens elsewhere?

WHY WON'T HILLARY GO? Fox News has a standing invitation to Hillary Clinton to come onto Fox News. But her campaign consistently refuses. Why? Is she scared they'll ask a REAL question that she can't answer? I notice Obama just went on there, and he got out alive. What is she frightened of? I think she just wants to stick with her liberal media members, that she can depend on, for the most part, to only ask her “softball”” questions and not embarrass her.

PRESIDENT KASICH? The Huffington Post predicts that John Kasich, the candidate who couldn't (so far) win but one state (his own) will be the GOP nominee. I don't know how they can predict that, unless they know “the fix is in” to exclude Trump and Cruz, the long time front runners. It's only through chicanery that he could get the nomination, but maybe they know something we don't know. Many people have predicted Trump's failure, time and time again. They've all been wrong every time.

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