Thursday, April 7, 2016

"Didn't Work. Let's Do It again!

It didn't work when we did it in 1976. In fact, is CREATED a massive financial screwup that caused lots of people to lose a lot of money. So let's do it again! That's what Obama is saying now. Following his process to do everything he can to screw up this country, he wants to FORCE lenders (again) to loan money to people with weak, or NO credit. Something that created an economic disaster—and he's either too stupid to know it, or he WANTS to screw up the economy—again. You decide. Lenders should refuse, (It's their money) and dare him to take action against them—under WHAT laws?

FROM JAWS OF VICTORY: The Republicans had the best chance ever to win this pivotal election and keep the Democrats from ruining this country for generations to come with their fool notions of what's right. But they're “throwing it away” by fighting amongst themselves, not for their front-running candidates, but to make sure THEY control who gets nominated, not the people. If there's any way to keep Trump OR Cruz away from the nomination, legal or illegal, they're going to do it, even if it guarantees a Democrat victory. Which will DESTROY this nation as a free market country.

HE DISAGREES! FIRE HIM! Like most liberals, they just can't stand opposition, of any kind. Richard Jurgena, recently appointed to the board that gets to decide who may be allowed to “concealed carry,” thinks the requirement that an applicant have “good reason” to need to carry a gun is unconstitutional—which it is—should be removed from the board, They say they want to make sure their board members are not “philosophically opposed” to what they do. Meaning they want them to be “philosophically BIASED” in FAVOR of what they do.

SHEEN THREATENED HER LIFE: So his girlfriend got a “protection order” against him, so if he kills her, he'll have to serve an extra year or so (maybe 90 days) in prison, on top of what he gets for killing her. Big f---ing deal! This all started when he paid her not to reveal his HIV status, and she wanted more. So he threatened to kill her, and the threat is on tape—which he's trying HARD to suppress.” I'm thinking Sheen is a confirmed criminal and thinks he can get away with anything. His lawyers will protect him. He ruined his own career and lost his job in a top-rated sitcom. I'm surprised he didn't sue them for that.

THEY REALLY HATE IT: When we take action to protect ourselves from militant Muslim terrorists. Now the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed TWO federal lawsuits alleging that terrorist watch lists violate the rights of the people on them. What they don't understand is that if they're not American citizens, they HAVE no rights under the Constitution. And to include them on such a list makes it harder for those so disposed to kill Americans for not believing the way they think we should. As I have said before, they're using our own system against us.

COMING TO COLORADO: “Ol' Joe” is coming to Colorado. Big whoop! Who cares if Joe Biden comes to Colorado? Democrats? They'd be happy if a snake came to Colorado if he was a Democrat. I was distressed when the Democrats held their convention here and predictably nominated Obama because it brought all the top Democrats here, including him. I tried to stay at home as much as I could while they were here, so I wouldn't run into any of them. There's nothing worse than a preponderance of Democrats close to where I live.

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