Friday, April 29, 2016

"Negatives?" BS!

The Republican establishment is making a big thing of Trump's “negatives.” They say his negatives are higher than ever before in history. But they're not. However, that's immaterial. Nixon had extremely high negatives, but his second term was won by a huge landslide. I think his “negatives” are gained, simply by polling ONLY Republican establishment people. How else does he win primary after primary if he really has such high negatives among VOTERS? How did he win every county in FIVE STATES recently (on the same day!) if he really had such high negatives? I think that's just a politician's way to make things look bad for somebody they don't like, but which the voters DO.

NO CHARGES FILED: There are not going to be any “hate crime” charges filed in the case of the drawing of a noose and the word, “nigger” at Salisbury University. Why is that? Why, it's because the drawings were made by a BLACK MAN, in an effort to “pony up” a “hate crime” scandal. I guess they figure since a black man did it, it couldn't be a “hate crime.” But, as usual, they're wrong. It's just as much of a hate crime for blacks trying to “whip up” racism as it would be if a white person had done it. But liberals don't see it that way. They're dumb that way.

WOMEN FOR THE DRAFT? I remember a time when women would not even be considered for a combat position in the military. This wasn't consideration for their femininity, it was the sure knowledge a woman was NOT as strong as a man as a rule, and had NO BUSINESS in combat. That the men would be more interested in protecting them than doing what they were there for. Now, many years after “signing up for the draft” became moot because we no longer drafted people, they want to force WOMEN to sign up for the draft. Another way to get their names on a “list” and "flex their muscles."

HILLARY: “GANGS ARE LIKE FAMILIES”: A more foolish remark has never been made. If there were, Obama would make it, and dare us not to believe it. They may be a LITTLE like a family in that there is a certain camaraderie, but just barely. Their purpose is usually to intimidate the people in “their turf” and sometimes to make a lot of money selling drugs while they kill everybody who disagrees with them, or enters their “turf” without permission. Hillary, every day shows her stupidity and the fact that she doesn't have the INTELLIGENCE to be president.

TRUMP VIOLENCE”: More violence broke out at a Trump rally. Committed by anti-Trump professional protesters in an effort to make it look like it's Trump's fault. The media “gulps it down,” hook, line, and sinker,” as usual, and blames Trump for it. This is so obviously a Democrat scam to make Trump look bad it's funny. But the media laps it up like a puppy with a dropped ice cream cone. You'll notice that there's almost NO violence at Democrat rallies. Hmmmmm....wonder why? Maybe it's just that nobody cares about Hillary or Bernie. Or maybe Republicans don't HIRE protesters to disrupt Democrat rallies like Democrats do to Republican rallies.

IT'S NOT DISCRIMINATION: They call it discrimination when people object to the “bullying” of the “LGBT movement.” They're not against being gay, itself, they're against the gay activists trying to push it onto THEM. Gay activists are not satisfied with just being left alone in their bedroom practices, they are now so “puffed up” with their success they are demanding to be allowed in women's restrooms and changing rooms. And people are taking them seriously, putting others in danger. If we object we're called “:bigots” and worse.

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