Sunday, April 24, 2016

He Just Can't Understand

George Stephanopolous, a former Hillary employee (you remember, the one who lied to his own diary), just can't understand why so many people distrust Hillary (Of course, he doesn't understand much of anything), when he does, completely. I got a clue for ya, Georgie baby: she LIES; and she commits crimes, not caring about the rules. She thinks the rules and laws are “just suggestions,” to her. She's the most dishonest candidate ever to run for president. The most dishonest one we KNOW about, that is. Naturally, you don't understand it, since you're just as bad.

MENTALLY ILL,” HUH? Alec Baldwin thinks “climate change deniers” are mentally ill.” Of course, Alec. Anybody who disagrees with you on ANYTHING is “mentally ill.” You ignore statistics that PROVE “climate change” is not only wrong, but it doesn't MATTER. You actually want to PROSECUTE people for disagreeing with you, right or wrong. The truth is, the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years. That doesn't jibe with your swindle, so you ignore it. Frankly, the only “mental aberration” in this scenario is YOURS, Alec.

WHAT A MEGA DOOFUS! Chelsea Clinton exults in the fact that Antonin Scala is dead. “Golly! Now we can pass more gun control” and get rid of the Second Amendment. Yeah, right! You couldn't violate the Constitution so easily when he was alive to “nip you in the bud.” Now he's dead, especially if you can con the nation into allowing Obama to pack the Court with liberals, then you can violate it at will, and The Court, which will be a “rubber stamp” for your perversions, will go right along with it.

ISIS IS DESPERATE: According to the media, anyway. They tell us that Isis is killing it's own wounded and selling their organs on the black market to make money. Is there ANY depravity to which they won't sink? Next, they'll be setting up clinics, killing innocent people (like the communist Chinese do), and selling THEIR organs. Oh, God! I hope I haven't just given them an idea! It's too bad WE are doing worse, murdering infants and selling THEIR organs. I guess we don't have any room to talk.

MICHELLE EATS DIFFERENTLY: Michelle Obama insists on DICTATING what little children must eat in their school lunches, and getting all bent out of shape when they throw her food in the trash and go elsewhere to eat. But her own favorite meal is pizza and French fries. Talk about a “double standard!” I guess that's typical when you are GIVEN a bit of power as a “hanger-on” to a bigwig. You DEMAND acceptance, get mad when the “serfs” rebel, and eat what you want, not what you tell us is “healthy.”

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