Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Cruz Didn't Cheat

Colorado cheated. At least, the Colorado politicians cheated. Colorado RESIDENTS were the ones BEING cheated. They were disenfranchised. Their right to vote was usurped by the “rules” made last summer that eliminated any primary election so that the “party bigwigs” got to choose the state's “winner” without a single vote being cast, or counted (other than theirs). That's where the “cheating” was. That's even worse than the Democrat “super delegate” scam that's letting Bernie LOSE, even though he's WINNING. I'm not in Bernie's corner, but I resent him being screwed by the system.

I'M GETTING SICK OF IT: Every day, I see something else liberals don't like being labeled “racist” or “bigoted.” They never give a reason why they say this, they just declare it, and expect us to go along with it. And if we do, we're STUPID. It all began with Obama calling ALL opposition to his fool policies racism because he CHOOSES to be black, for the benefit if gives him. Other politicians took notice, and “jumped on the bandwagon.” UCSD Police are now investigating “racist” chalk messages found on campus. And that's only the second thing in the last few days labeled “racist. I'm getting sick of this scam.

ARE WE TERRORISTS? Hillary thinks we are, if we have, or want to have guns for self defense. This is a typical liberal way to assign false images to her opponents—and we ARE her opponents, in this issue, and many others. But I have never murdered anybody. I have not beheaded any children to make a point. Nor have I ever raped anybody or done the other things terrorists do. I RESENT the implications of her portrayal of me, just because I don't want to be defenseless if a thug or real terrorist confronts me with HIS gun. This opinion, on her part, is but one more reason why she should never be allowed NEAR the Oval Office. Not even as a visitor. Somebody needs to slap this fool down (figuratively speaking, of course, for you feds looking for “key words.”).

NEVER IN HANDCUFFS”: Hillary says, “You'll never see me in handcuffs!” What, Hillary, do you have a way of concealing them when they appear after they indict you for a few felonies? I think she's “whistling past the graveyard” because she knows “the fix is in,” hoping against hope what she says is true. Never before have we had a person who was facing several felony investigations running for president, and being taken seriously. And that's because the Democrat “establishment” has CHOSEN her, and will do whatever they have to, legal or ILLEGAL, to get her elected.

THEY'RE REALLY DESPERATE! The global warming religion acolytes are really desperate. We've proven time and time again, that their pipe dreams are just that. They can't answer ANY of our questions with facts, so they just LIE. And when that isn't enough, they want to PROSECUTE us for disagreeing with their lies They want to do the same in the abortion fight. If they manage to get it done, you can throw the Constitution in the dumper, because it will no longer apply. We will be slaves, a la “The Soviet Union.”

VALUES OF NEW YORK”: Hillary says, “I believe the values of New York, as criticized by Ted Cruz, are the values of America.” Not a chance, Hillary! They are LIBERAL values, and those are NOT “the values of America.” Yes, New Yorkers are not ALL liberals. But a majority of them ARE. And we will NOT have those “values” foisted upon the rest of the country. Ted was exactly right when he criticized those “values.” They are not “values,” at all.

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