Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"Crusader" Controversy

A Christian school in the Denver area is “caving” to the fools who are “offended” (after all these years) over the “Crusaders” nickname for a school team. The Crusades, you'll remember (if you were ever taught real history) were a series of “wars” between Christians and Muslims, mostly because of Muslim outrages. But today, that doesn't matter. Just the USE of the name “Crusaders” can only mean one thing to Muslims. That war. Never mind it could simply mean the team “crusades” in their efforts win. And naturally, the school has surrendered. That's what they do, today.

HILLARY'LL BEAT HIM! That's what Cruz keeps saying, over and over, hoping it will come true. He says, “A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary!” What loco reasoning he uses to come to that conclusion, I have no idea. Like Democrats, he never gives any reason for thinking that. Mostly because there aren't any. They're only in his fevered imagination, and he thinks if he keeps repeating that, it will BECOME true. But there is NO EVIDENCE that Hillary can beat ANY Republican, much less Trump. I don't think she can even beat BERNIE, without help.

WANNA PISS OFF OBAMA? It's easy! Buy a gun. That's what a sign in a small southern town said. And when some wag took a pic and posted it on the Internet, it “went viral.” Obama is “pissed off” mightily these days, because there have been 100 million guns sold in America, just since he took office, making him the best “gun salesman” ever. A designation he wishes he did not have, and why he has signaled that a gun ban is his prime target in the waning days of his presidency. I doubt if he will make it.

MODERATE MUSLIMS”: Turkey is supposed to be a “moderate Muslim nation,” but they just recently seized some Christian churches. That's not what “moderate” Muslims do. That's what RADICAL Muslims do. They're widely considered the “most moderate” Muslim nation while they seize Christian churches while, at the same time, demanding entry into the EU. If they're moderate,” I'd hate to see some RADICAL Muslims. Their demand represents a wish to be granted “carte blanche” entry into any of their countries, which would enhance the Muslim hordes infiltrating Europe.

IT'S ABOUT TIME: The baker facing a suit by a gay “couple” for refusing to bake a cake for their “nuptials” is fighting back, as nobody seems to have done before. These people who seek to force their views on others through suing them forget that both sides can sue. And now these fools are BEING sued, and are going to have to support their views, in court, just as the baker did. I have nothing against gays, but I still resent these bakers being FORCED to do business with these people, whatever the reason. A business owner has the right to REFUSE to do business with ANYBODY, for ANY reason. These fools also have rights. The right to go elsewhere to get their cake.

THE “RULES” ARE CHEATING! Rush Limbaugh (whom I respect mostly) is wrong in this instance. He's right that Cruz isn't “cheating” by exploiting “the rules.” But the fact is, the RULES are cheating! The very rules the Republicans have set in place (and which have been known for years) are, themselves, “cheating.” They allow the Republican “establishment” to choose the candidate THEY want, not the people! And that goes against the very GRAIN of a republic, since it does not allow the PEOPLE to decide.

MOST PEACEFUL ERA?” Obama says we “are living in the most peaceful era in history.” Does this fool stay up nights figuring out another STUPID statement to make tomorrow? I've given up asking what he's smoking. Such delusions are not the result of smoking pot or another drug. They're the result of STUPIDITY! Or they're the result of thinking WE'RE stupid, I don't know which. All I know is that most of his recent public statements defy reality.

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