Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Obama Training Muslim Terrorists

He's training Muslims in how to kill people and break things, and he's ARMING them in Syria. Hmmmmm—I wonder how many of these “Syrian rebels” are Islamic terrorists, in disguise? How many will come here disguised as “refugees” to kill Infidels (which means all of us)? This is just more evidence that Obama is doing everything he can to help the Islamic terrorists, the world over. Sometimes he hides it well. Not like this time, when he was “found out.”

RYAN SAYS, “NO”: He's been mentioned (more and more as time goes on) as the “fresh face” Karl Rove talked about if they can manage it in the GOP convention. But he's said that before when he was talked about as Speaker of the House. He said adamantly, “I don''t want it!” And “I won't take it!” But in the end, he took it. Is this the same thing? Does he really intend to “knuckle under” (sic) as he did before? Does he figure to be the next president by pretending to be not interested?

TRUMP MISQUOTES SCRIPTURE: Big f-----g deal! Everybody misquotes that scripture! It's the most misquoted scripture ever. Liberals use it to condemn money. But it really reads, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” So what's the big deal about Trump falling for the misquoting of a piece of scripture that is ALWAYS misquoted? The people complaining about Trump misquoting it have probably misquoted it themselves. That's how they know about it. But Trump misquoted it, so they “jumped on the bandwagon.”

THEY'RE LYING AGAIN! The White House says, (How does a HOUSE talk? It's Obama lying, as usual.) “There have been thousands, tens of thousands of heat-related deaths due to global warming.” What a LOAD of BS that is! On what scientific basis is this said? Even if it were true, there's NO WAY they could KNOW it was global warming. So they're just BLAMING it without any kind of proof. But that's how they back up a lie with a lie so they can make more restrictive laws and regulations and line their pockets with more tax money “to fight global warming, dontcha know.”

AN UGLY SECRET: The guy who is at the forefront of the movement toward allowing men to use the same bathrooms and shower rooms as women whether we like it or not is a sex offender. A REAL one. He served time for conning young boys into having gay sex with him when he was a “youth minister” before he was found out. This man, Chad Sevearance, is also the former president of the “LGBT Chamber of Commerce.” But don't worry. There's no danger of sexual harassment here. Not in addition to the sexual harassment of allowing men who SAY they think they're women peeing in the same room as innocent girls. (ho, ho!)

TWISTED AMERICANS: What kind of twisted thinking allows people to condone the MURDER of unborn infants? To vociferously defend such outfits as Planned Parenthood, which was STARTED to kill black babies and has succeeded beyond the the wildest dreams of the racist woman who started it?. What makes these people so blind to reality they can't see the EVIL of murdering babies for the CONVENIENCE of the parents? To be so passionate about it they vote AGAINST a presidential candidate who is against killing babies? It sickens me to see what's become of America when I see this happening.

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