Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obama Flexing His Muscles

He knows he can't run again, so he proposes changes that should not be his to make. Like “throwing out the last president who eliminated the national debt” and replacing him on the $20 bill with a black woman. He didn't have to do that. He could have done it by creating a new bill entirely, like the $25 bill that has been proposed, or by reissuing a $2 bill. He didn't have to get rid of an esteemed predecessor to honor this conservative, gun-supporting woman who richly deserves honoring. It's like he WANTS controversy.

SAN FRANCISCO. (WHERE ELSE): In San Francisco, they are sponsoring an “open air urinal,” which is even more stupid that letting MEN in women's bathrooms and locker rooms if they “identify” as a woman. But liberals are hard at work to destroy our logical rules and institute their STUPID ones. Personally, I would never use such a urinal. It's like peeing on a wall in Times Square, and I just wouldn't do it.

WAS HE REALLY SCREWED? That's what “Grassfire” is asking about Trump losing delegates in states where NO VOTE is held, and only the Republican establishment gets to vote. Can't they see how WE are being screwed? When the PEOPLE vote, Trump wins. That should tell them something. When the GOP bigwigs vote, he LOSES. That tells ME something. I think he's going to win, in spite of the GOP “dirty tricks.” Or he's going to “burn their house down.”

NOT JUST IN CHICAGO: Gun deaths have spiked in ALL cities with liberal anti-gun laws. It's not unexpected, at least by people with intelligence, but not by liberals (Democrats). Liberals will never learn this important lesson, and as long as they are in power all over the place, having CONNED their way into office, we will be saddled with their imbecilic “gun laws” while Americans DIE, from the ILLEGAL guns wielded by criminals, who don't obey their laws.

STATE DEPT. HIDES FILES: The State Dept. moved the files regarding Benghazi to another department and marked them for “archiving” shortly after receiving a subpoena for them. so they can claim they can't find them. Anybody else who did that would be so far behind prison walls we wouldn't be able to find THEM. But the government regularly gets away with such subterfuge. It now knows what they did, and NOTHING has happened.

COWBOYS” WANT THEIR GUNS: Liberals are wondering why “cowboys” are so concerned about having their guns. As usual, they're completely wrong on that, and being very insulting. It's NOT “just cowboys” who want their guns, it is EVERYBODY (who aren't liberals) who sees the COMMON SENSE in being able to defend themselves against the ILLEGAL guns in the hands of criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists (being imported by the hundreds of thousands by Obama). Liberals always put us down and ridicule our LOGICAL wishes, and they can't see the logic. That's natural, since they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic and common sense, They're that stupid.

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