Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fighting Back

I wrote the other day about a bakery fighting back against gay activists “searching them out” because they KNEW they would refuse to bake a cake for their “gay wedding,” then suing them for big bucks, but counter-suing the activists, proving that BOTH SIDES could sue. Now a new gun store in Arlington, Virginia, is fighting back against a “conspiracy” to keep them from opening the ONLY gun store with a storefront in Arlington, by making scurrilous claims in letters to their landlord in an effort to get their lease canceled, They're SUING the 64 people involved in the conspiracy, which included members of the legislature, the leader of which is a Democrat, of course. It's about time somebody fought back against the “bullying tactics” of the left. We can sue, too, and force them to spend their money to fight OUR suits. (Patriot Outdoor News)

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