Monday, April 25, 2016

Dem Gov. Creates Liberal Voters

Terry McAuliffe, former DNC Chair, now Virginia governor (who else?) Has magically “created” about 200,000 plus DEMOCRAT voters by “rehabilitating” felons after they get out of prison. This same bunch ILLEGALY voted previously. But who cares? They're DEMOCRATS, aren't they? One hand washes the other, but only if they're Democrats. McAuliffe is one of the most corrupt governors, ever. But what can you expect? He's a Democrat, after all. Well, maybe not the MOST corrupt. There are a lot of Democrat governors.

LETTING FELONS VOTE: Terry McAuliffe (Virginia governor), former DNC Chair, has signed to allow FELONS to vote when they finish their imprisonment and parole. This will inevitably mean 200,000 votes for Hillary. He denies vehemently that this was his purpose. He maintains that Hillary doesn't need such a thing. That she's going to win the nomination and beat Trump, neither one of which is a “given.” She may, in fact, end up in prison, herself. Maybe he's trying to preserve HER right to vote. In any case, it's a common Democrat ploy to make an outrageous statement that isn't so, and DEFY anyone to oppose it.

EVERYTHING IS RACISM: Everything liberals don't like, that is. Now they're saying “good grammar” is racist! I can hardly wait for tomorrow to see what other stupid thing they're going to decide is racist. I could agree with them if the things they “judge” as racism weren't so STUPID. Black people have found a “hook” to use in pillorying white people. Just call them racist. The only problem here is that the rising racism these days is racism by blacks against white people. The proof is “Black Lives Matter” fools getting mad when people correct them to say, “ALL Lives Matter.: They'll say I'm racist for saying this TRUTH.

OBAMA SAVED THE WORLD? That's what he says, anyway. Like most Democrats, he makes outrageous statements that have no support in fact, and defies anybody to call him a liar. He said he corrected the “irresponsible behavior” of the financial institutions, which was FORCED on them by Democrats in the “Financial Responsibility Act” of 1976 that REQUIRED them to loan money to people they KNEW could not repay it, or suffer the wrath of the government. What a deluded fool Obama is. And always has been.

DESPERATION CITY: Cruz and Kasich are rivals. They've been “taking potshots” at each other for months. But they're so far behind, they see they're going to have a hard time keeping Trump from getting the nomination. So in desperation, they're “teaming up” to deny him as many delegates as possible by not competing with each other, leaving more delegates “open.” How that's going to help, I don't know. But they're desperate to stop the Trump “steamroller,” and will do just about anything to slow it down. But I don't think it's going to work. I think this is their “last gasp” before dropping out.

PERMIT FOR EVERYTHING: That's what it's coming to, today. You need a permit to take a DUMP. You need a permit to ask for a permit! This gives every petty bureaucrat the power to tell you “no.” It serves to give them the power they so desperately want. Many of them don't have much, in the way of authority, and this gives them something to use to lord it over us “lesser mortals.” They use permits to lessen your rights. They can't just BAN certain things because of that “pesky Constitution,” so they make you get a permit. And the power to issue a permit gives them the power to say “no.” They can use the permit process to deny your rights on a “case by case” basis.

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