Sunday, April 17, 2016

"Drops" Christmas Holiday

Nepal, which is a “Hindu state,” has “dropped” Christmas as a government-recognized holiday, to the consternation of the Christians who live there. Makes one wonder why they specifically chose Christmas to “drop?” Why didn't they drop any HINDU holidays to “reduce the number of 'official' holidays,” as they claim? Methinks that's just the “excuse” they are using to get rid of one more Christian holiday.

LIBERAL MINDS WILL EXPLODE! They've come up with a—wait for it--FOAM bullet proof vest that actually destroys rounds fired into it. Of course, this will infuriate liberals, who hate ANYTHING that makes shooting safer. They figure if shooting is not safe, it makes it easier for them to condemn guns. It's a “knee-jerk reaction” on their part. Anything to make life more difficult for shooters.

GUNS IN CHURCHES: In Mississippi, there is now a law allowing guns in churches as “security” by parishioners. Training is required, which will involve NRA, which is the best known training outfit. Potential church shooters should stay away—if they want to stay alive. It's a good idea, and should be emulated, everywhere. Then maybe there would be fewer mass shootings in churches.

YA CAN'T BAN GUNS: So make them so expensive nobody can afford to buy one—except the rich, of course, who can buy anything they want. Obama has found a way to make life more difficult for gun buyers. At least, in this small Island that is an American “territory.” In the Northern Mariana Islands, there is now a $1,000.00 tax on every gun purchase. I assume that's on new AND used guns. That'll surely make for fewer gun purchases there. And you can BET it will come here before long.

OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY”: George Clooney (with whom I seldom agree) is absolutely right on this. The amount of money required to get elected to ANY office these days is “obscene.”” It costs BILLIONS to get the presidency, which only pays $400,000.00 (including $200,000.00 expense money, which is not taxed). Why do they do it? To obtain the power to amass a lot more money “on the side,” of course. And “the POWER,” period. I wouldn't want the job, but everybody to his own thing.

STARVING THE MILITARY: The people wouldn't like it if Obama reduced the size of the military sharply when everybody BUT Obama sees us heading into the Third World War, so he tried to minimize the “shrinkage.” Instead, he “starves” them for money so they can't do anything. I saw a report about a bunch of airplane mechanics bemoaning lack of parts for their planes. They talked about having something like 23 planes, and only TWO of them able to fly, while their pilots only got 4 hours air time. This worries me, and a lot of others who pay attention. But Obama continues to spend MILLIONS for air travel for vacations and golf trips, all over the world. You can travel a lot for golf trips if someone else (like the taxpayers) is paying most of the bills.

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