Saturday, April 2, 2016

Broken BS Meter

I have a BS Meter to alert me when liberals spout too much BS, but it's broken.I'll have to get another. It broke when Karl Rove said we should dump all three Republican candidates and find a “fresh face.” Which is exactly what the Republican elites want. To be able to “appoint” a candidate of THEIR choice, not ours, to be their nominee. That has been their purpose, all along. Meanwhile, stupid parents are hosting “Gender Declaration Parties” for teenage children, where they can state their “determination” as to what sex they think they are. Can there be any worse smelling horse manure? If there is, liberals will find it, and try to impose it on the rest of us.

PIZZA WITH A FORK: Ohio Governor and presidential candidate Kasich was seen eating pizza with a fork in New York, and liberals are losing their minds. Why? Nobody ever said eating pizza with a fork was a CRIME. So he used a fork. So the hell WHAT? I eat pizza with a fork! Damn! liberals get upset over the stupidest things! I think they spend most of their time LOOKING for things to get upset over.

ART AND LIFE: Art truly imitates life, sometimes. other times, it PREDICTS life. In a comic strip called “Bloom County/Outland,” which was drawn many years ago, they cited a left-wing concept about PAYING criminals not to commit crimes. It was done as a very funny joke. Except that is precisely what left-wingers are DOING, today. They might have even gotten the idea from this strip. You can't make this stuff up, folks. It's a joke today, and reality tomorrow.

STUPIDITY REIGNS SUPREME: It's true everywhere in “legislator-ville,” but it's even more true in “gun laws.” Every time some criminal victimizes somebody with his ILLEGAL gun, they call for “more gun laws” for honest, law-abiding people to DISARM them and make life easier for that criminal. We tell them and tell them their laws don't work, but they don't hear us. Meanwhile, people DIE because their laws do NOT work. They know it, but they keep making them. We need to re-educate them if they're capable of learning ANYTHING at all.

CENSORING A HEAD OF STATE: Obama has censored a speech made by French President Francoise Hollande when he had the temerity to MENTION the words, “Islamic terrorism” at a gathering supported by Obama. So he not only refuses to use the words himself, he censors a HEAD OF STATE who used them. Talk about a DICTATOR! What's WRONG with Obama? is he STUPID? I don't think so. I think he's working HARD to minimize the danger presented by the Islamic terrorists. There. I said it. If you want to censor me, Obama, come on and try it.

FLIPPING TRUMP THE FINGER: The mayor of West Hollywood just told Donald Trump not to come to his city (if Trump thought West Hollywood was important enough to waste his time visiting there) because “your campaign is not wanted here.” What the hell gives this fool the right to speak for ALL of the people who live there? I think Trump, if he gets elected, should put West Hollywood on his sh-t list as long as he's in office and cut them off from ANY federal aid. This mayor just proved himself to be a damned fool.


ONE MAN'S OPINION: Greenleaf Idaho has a sign proclaiming their town is NOT a “gun-free zone.” Criminals take note. Unless you want to die, stay away....Anti-Trump folks are really getting desperate. Now they're reduced to psychoanalyzing the expression on Christie's face as Trump was speaking....MSNBC's Chris Matthews says the GOP blocking Garner's appointment is another “kick in the face to Obama. So what? Obama needs a lot more kicks in the face....America's NOT a democracy. That involves all citizens voting on every question. We are a “representative republic,” in which we elect people to vote FOR us. Get used to it.

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