Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Another Stupid Obama Statement

Yesterday, I wondered if Obama stayed up nights concocting his delusional statements, and this one doesn't change my mind a bit. He now says that “America is the second largest source of pollution in the world.” which flies in the face of the fact that we have done more to reduce pollution than any other nation, and that communist China has more pollution than SEVERAL countries, put together.

PUSHING THEIR IDEAS ON US: Talk about “bullying!” Gays seek out bakers who will refuse to bake cakes for their “weddings” so they can sue them before ignorant judges who award them outrageous settlements. Liberals insist that MEN can be allowed to enter women's restrooms of changing rooms where they can ogle the naked or near-naked women, as long as they SAY they “identify” as a woman. It's typical subjective reasoning where what they WANT things to be, instead of what things ARE. It's not enough for us to just “leave them alone.” they want to FORCE us to APPROVE of their perversions, or suffer.

BOTH SIDES OF HER MOUTH: Politics ain't like it used to be. You can't tell one group one thing, and tell another group just the opposite (like Hillary did), and get away with it. Today, everything a politician says is recorded by somebody. So if you tell one group you “can't ignore the Second Amendment,” and then tell a different group you “pledge to go after the gun lobby” with, of course, the intent to “ignore the Second Amendment," soon, both comments are in the public domain, and voters know you're lying.

OUT OF CONTROL: Portland, Oregon says “crime is out of control” there. That “everybody has guns.” But what they fail to say is that almost ALL of the illegal guns are carried by gang members, which disturbs even the Crips and Bloods that younger gang members have so many guns (without mentioning the illegal guns THEY carry). Open carry is legal there, but the gun must be unloaded, which, as usual, makes the gun USELESS in an emergency. That's how they get around the Constitutional prohibition on BANNING guns altogether.

CALL IT “DISCRIMINATION”:They call it “discrimination” when people object to a man standing, holding his “equipment,” doing his business, right in front of a little girl in a woman's restroom. But it's NOT “discrimination.” It's COMMON SENSE, something liberals know nothing about, because they have none. It opens up the possibilities for men who wish to abuse women sexually, by allowing them in women's restrooms. I haven't heard of any controversy about allowing WOMEN in a MAN'S restroom. I guess that's because women aren't that STUPID.

EVOLUTION VS. RELIGION: Has anybody ever thought about the idea that MAYBE, just maybe, evolution and religion might NOT be complete opposites, but opposite sides of the same coin? Who says God didn't CREATE evolution as yet another complicated mechanism in running this world? That's the only argument you'll ever get out of me on the subject of religion. Mostly because religious theory is ALL “faith,” not reality. I know there is a God—or at least a superior intelligence that orders this universe. I'd be a fool to deny it. But what form He/She/It takes, I don't know. I admit it. Not like most purveyors of religion, who are all MEN, who don't really know themselves, but won't admit it.

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