Monday, April 11, 2016

"The Fix Is In"

In Wyoming, Bernie won by 12 points. But again, Hillary walked away with more delegates. The “fix is in” on both sides. On the Democrat side it's the “super delegates,” who can vote any way they wish, and that lets the “establishment” decide who gets the nomination, no matter who WE vote for. On the Republican side, it's the practice of “moving the goal posts” by changing the rules, mid campaign, that apply to THIS campaign, to allow them to make rules that will exclude candidates they don't like. It's a MYTH that WE get to elect ANYBODY!

HILLARY QUALIFIED? Bernie says Hillary is not qualified to be president. What he does not say is, neither is he! Especially him! The Democrat Minority Leader in the Senate (former Majority Leader before they lost the majority) Reid says she is as qualified as the Founding Fathers were. But she is NOT. They WROTE the Constitution she and other Democrats (including Bernie) want to get rid of. And we have sent plenty of dumb butts to the white House before, so she's as qualified as any of them. Any dumb butt who runs is “qualified.” Qualified, but not wanted.

KENNEDY A CONSERVATIVE? Some dumb butts out there are now asking if ex President John Kennedy is a “conservative Republican?” The answer is NO. He's nothing, any more. He's dead. But I know what they're getting at. I was there when he backed out of the invasion of Cuba to reverse Castro's takeover for communism, leaving some to die, and others to be captured, and be returned after we paid Castro off in tractors—which he denied. He would be considered a “moderate” (far left) Republican under today's conditions.

LIBERALS CELEBRATE PROMISCUITY: They call us “prudes” when we call attention to the fact that unprotected sex, especially the “rear end” variety, most often caused “STDs,” commonly known as the clap. And they CELEBRATE promiscuity, on both sides of the sexual scene. Even Obama celebrates “LGBT Awareness Month,” and not “STD Awareness Month.” Which means he and his cronies and acolytes are celebrating promiscuous sex. Which I'm not surprised at. If that's “prudish,” I'm guilty.

SYRIAN “REFUGEES”: There have been 1,070 “Syrian refugees” admitted into the United States (so far) and 4 OF THEM were Christians. Wanta guess what “religion” the rest of them claim? I put that “religion” in quotes because Islam is NOT a religion. It's a political movement DISGUISED as a religion to exploit a weakness in our system. A real religion does not direct it's followers to KILL “unbelievers.” Islam does. It's in the Koran.

IT IS “DANGEROUS”: Obama calls the Senate's refusal to consider his latest appointment to the Supreme Court “dangerous.” And it is—to Democrats, who fervently WANT him to “stack the Court” in their favor for generations to come. Of course, they did the same thing when they were in the majority, and it was okay with them. But the shoe is on the other foot, now. And they deplore it. But nothing says the Senate has to vote on his nominee on HIS SCHEDULE. They'll vote when they get around to it. And still "do their jobs."

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