Friday, April 8, 2016

Would They Save Jesus?

The liberal damfools are now saying that stricter gun laws might have saved the life of Jesus. They're always coming out with stupidity like that and expecting us to be stupid enough to believe it. The problem is, there are so many people who “pay no attention to politics” who will. I don't know what their “reasoning” is here, and I don't care. The whole idea is so preposterous it doesn't matter. There were NO GUNS at the time of Jesus and his death, so how could gun laws POSSIBLY save his life? Sheesh!

OFFENDED BY AMERICAN FLAG”: Word is, some Harvard students are “offended” by the American flag. Any American citizen who expresses him/herself to be “offended” by our flag should have his/her citizenship revoked, and be deported. Anybody who is “offended" by our flag has no business claiming American citizenship. If he/she doesn't like this country send him/her elsewhere, and revoke their citizenship. The same should apply to people who walk on the flag. They're not worth being citizens. They're too stupid.

BONUS FOR FAILURE: TSA failed to detect guns in 95% of test cases, and let the guns by and on the plane. In one case, they failed to detect a fake bomb, even though it set off a warning device. You'd think somebody would be fired over this, wouldn't you? But NO! They got $70,000.00 in bonuses, just at ONE airport, in SPITE of these failures. 95% FAILURE! But this is government. They're used to rewarding failure.

NRA FIRES BACK: They call that article (that we alluded to the other day) saying “old folks” (which they don't define) shouldn't be allowed to own guns because they're “too weak” to properly handle them. They called it “outrageous claptrap” and gave many good suggestions on how people with less than full hand strength can properly handle guns. Aiming and firing at an intruder is not one of the problems. As usual, the NRA is very big on proper instruction on proper gun handling.

ASHAMED TO BE A HOOSIER: I was born in Indiana and spent most of my early years there. But I disown the students at Indiana University in Bloomington who reacted to “the KKK member walking around their campus carrying a whip” who turned out to be a Catholic priest out looking for frozen custard. The “whip” was probably either his Rosary or his brown belt. Talk about hysteria! These students are so well conditioned that they see KKK members everywhere, including under their beds! Even if it WAS a KKK member, to be FRIGHTENED of ONE man is a liberal thing and the result of the liberal conditioning in college.

THE FBI IS STALLING: How difficult is it to find out whether or not Hillary sent or received classified e-mails (whether so marked or not) during her tenure as Secretary of State, over an unsecured PRIVATE service? The evidence (either way) is so obvious there should be no mystery. Yet they're taking an inordinate amount of time to figure out whether or not she committed the indictable crime of not safeguarding secret communications? The only conclusion I can see is that they're STALLING until after the election so as not to hinder her chance to be elected, which would change everything. They claim their stalling is NOT “politics as usual,” as usual, when we can see it IS.

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