Thursday, April 28, 2016

Premature, Wot?

Ted Cruz, in spite of being far behind Trump in the delegate count, even before the Indiana vote, which could DOOM his chances, has picked his running mate. Dontcha think that's a little premature, Ted? Actually, to me, that's a “grandstand” action. Something to get some free press, something you don't get very much of, with Trump sucking up all the oxygen. But it is pretty silly to pick a running mate if you don't get the nomination, isn't it? It would be very embarrassing to Carly if she had nothing to run for, wouldn't it?

COMMON SENSE GUN LAWS”: What a stupid way to describe the gun laws they always seem to make after every mass shooting, usually committed by somebody with an ILLEGAL or stolen gun. They always call their USELESS laws “common sense gun laws” when they're ANYTHING BUT “common sense.” They just DISARM honest people and leave them defenseless against the illegal guns held by the criminals, who always seem able to get them, regardless of the laws. We tell them and tell them, but they don't listen.

TIRED OF THE NONSENSE”: Target customers are simply getting tired of the Target Stores “knuckling under” to the liberals in their policies. From making their stores into potential shooting galleries by their “no guns here” policy to their opening women's restrooms and changing rooms to MEN, it's just becoming too much. That's why there are over 800,000 signatures on a petition to BOYCOTT your stores. That's gonna cost Target a lot of money. You can't keep on walking on people's rights the way they're doing, without a reaction. I hope for their sake this does not cause the bankruptcy of yet another “big box” store.

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT KILLERS: If you don't believe Obama is releasing illegal alien killers, look at this: he released 86,000 illegal aliens between 2013-2015 and 196 of them were convicted of homicide in 2015. That pretty much proves the contention that Mexico is sending us their WORST, not their best. That's 196 dead people who would not have died of Obama had not released these killers. What kind of FOOL is Obama? Does he not even CARE how many people DIE because of his stupid decisions?

TARGET WARNS WOMEN: Proof that they knew of the dangers inherent in allowing MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms, they posted a sign in the women's room advising women of the decision, and warned them against hidden cameras, loitering or peeping Toms, and using “good judgment” in sending children into the rooms alone (of course, the word “judgment” is misspelled). If that doesn't reveal their knowledge of the dangers in which they're placing their customers, I don't know what would. Which is why the boycott is a good thing. And I'm not a “boycotter.”

WE CAN ONLY BE ONE SEX: Liberals want us to believe that people have the right to decide for themselves what sex they are. WRONG!!! God endowed each one of us with male OR female sex organs and we're stuck with them. Sure, you can have surgery done to make a penis into something RESEMBLING a vagina, but that's very unusual. But you can't go the other way and make a vagina into a penis. I wish you could. That would mean you could ask for one bigger than one you got at birth. But you are the sex DICTATED by your sex organ, and it is a PERVERSION to want to use your sex organ in a restroom labeled for the opposite sex. Call me a bigot for saying this, but that doesn't MAKE me one. If you have a penis, you have no business in a woman's restroom or changing room.

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