Friday, April 22, 2016

Making Stupidity the Law

Democrats are going ahead with the really stupid laws DEMANDING that men be allowed to urinate beside women in woman's restrooms, and walk naked through their locker rooms. Which, of course, will result in a large “uptick” in sexual harassment, and sexual assaults when men who CLAIM they “think they're women” take advantage (which they will).  It's already happening. I saw such a sexual attack in a woman's bathroom report just yesterday. Such laws could not be more stupid, but they call those who disagree “bigots.” Calling names is their way of responding to ANY criticism of their stupidities.

ALLEN WEST, VP? Alan West is being asked if he would accept if asked to run for Vice-President. I don't know what his answer was, but I'd bet it it was, in any way positive, it will depend on “who's asking.” That would certainly be true if it were me they were asking. I wouldn't want to be VP to just anybody. For instance: I certainly wouldn't want to be OBAMA'S VP. That would stain me with the same brush as this stupid president.

QUEEN ELIZABETH TURNS 90: Today's her birthday (as this is written). Prince Charles musty really be wondering if she will EVER die. He hopes it will be before he dies, or becomes so feeble-minded, he can't enjoy being king. I'd certainly hate being in the queen's position, with so many people just waiting for me to die, so they can take her place, or benefit by Charles being king.

PRINCE IS DEAD: No, not a real prince. The singer Prince, who is most famous for the song, “Purple Rain.” His people say he was battling the Flu, but a rumor has surfaced that he was addicted to Percoset. He was 57. Damn, I hope I don't get the flu. I'm 22 years older than he was. Oh well, I'm still a little younger than Queen Elizabeth, and she's still going strong, much to the dismay of Charles and his people. RIP, Prince.

NOT THE SECOND AMENDMENT: NY Senator Kirsten Hillibrand says the controversy over gun control has nothing to do with the Second Amendment. It's a “woman's issue.” Damn, the logic (or lack thereof) of Democrats is stupefying! Whatever she's smoking, I would want some if I was a doper. It's not a “woman's issue,” Kirsten, it's an EVERYBODY issue! And it IS about the Second Amendment! It cannot be otherwise! If you can't see that, you have no business being in ANY elective office that might affect our constitutionally guaranteed right to be armed!

LEFT TO BE KILLED: A Chicago man was “sucker punched” by a man loitering outside a Chicago 7-11. That punch knocked him cold in the street. Immediately two thugs robbed him, and left him for dead on the street. Many bystanders ignored him, and a taxi, turning right from the wrong lane, drove over his body, killing him. Talk about lack of concern for your fellow man! They kill you in many ways in Chicago. Not just with guns.

3 JUDGE PANEL LEGALIZES FOOL RULES: Three-judge panel has legalized men walking into women's restrooms or locker rooms if they “identify” as women, which is STUPID. Liberals have won most of their battles regarding gays, so they now have nothing to argue about. So now they move on to the LGBT fiasco and demand STUPID things like letting MEN in women's bathrooms or locker rooms, where the women USED to feel safe from sexual attacks. No more. Three APPOINTED men have “ruled” otherwise.

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