Friday, April 1, 2016

Cruz Started It

Cruz was the first to “go after” his opponent's wife. When Trump went after Cruz's wife, it was in RETALIATION for what Cruz said. That's a FACT the liberal media and Cruz himself ignore, and hope uninformed voters will ignore, too. Cruz needs to learn that if you bring personalities into a campaign, you're putting your own people in the “target zone.” He keeps saying Trump will NOT be the nominee, but I think he's full of stinky brown stuff.

WHO SHOULD BE PUNISHED: People (liberals, mostly) are asking “Who should be punished” in abortion cases, if abortion is found to be murder (which it is, if blind and stupid politicians would just open their eyes and admit it)? The answer is simple: Everybody involved. The woman who wants to murder her child for her “convenience,” the abortion provider who does the actual murder, and the politicians who not only condone it, but FINANCE it. Murder is murder, even if it is of an infant who hasn't even yet been born.

LIBERAL STUPIDITY: There are many cases of liberal stupidity on the books, as I wrote about elsewhere. But this is one of the most outrageous: letting MEN use the same bathrooms as women if they “think” they're women. Picture a MAN standing next to your daughter with his “equipment” in hand, “doing his business” right beside her. Think about a MAN, walking through a locker room, filled with naked women, naked himself, because he “thinks” he's a woman. This is stupidity of the highest order. But then, liberals are THAT stupid.

BANNING APRIL FOOL'S DAY: Obama has signed an executive order BANNING April Fool's Day. Talk about a waste of time and paper! Maybe he doesn't want a day that seems to be named after him. Or he's just doing things because he thinks he can do whatever he wants to do, and nobody will stop him. Maybe he just has an inflated sense of his own importance. I don't know. But this is an illustration of his stupidity. Or it may be an April fool's prank. Frankly, I think Obama is a “waste of existence” AND an April Fool's prank.

DON'T PUNISH THE WOMEN: Pro lifers say you shouldn't punish the women who want abortions. Just punish the abortion providers. It is, after all, “a woman's right” to murder her child for her own convenience. Horse manure! If a person hires a murderer to kill somebody, should you punish the hired killer, but not the person who hired him? This is the same thing. The abortion providers would not be in business if not for the mothers who want to murder their child because him/her being born is “inconvenient" for her. You hire a killer to kill for you, you're a murderer, too. If a woman has an “absolute right” to decide what happens to her body, why is prostitution illegal?

PATROLLING MUSLIM COMMUNITIES: Milwaukee County Sheriff Clark says we MUST “patrol Muslim communities,” and he is already doing it. We patrol everywhere else, why should they be exempt? Especially since the primary source of mass murders in the world are extremist MUSLIMS? Making them exempt from scrutiny is not only stupid, it is SUICIDE! They have used the “religious fiction” very well, and liberals have “gobbled it up” like a puppy does ice cream. Making LAWS to enforce it. Even making laws against telling the TRUTH about them.

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