Sunday, April 3, 2016

"A New Face"

A top Republican spokesman (Karl Rove) came right out and told us what the Republican establishment plans are for “getting rid of” Trump. He said we ought to “dump all three remaining candidates and go with an entirely new face.” What he didn't say is, that has been their plan, all along. And that “new face” would be another unelectable fool like Romney. They're so worried about not being able to CONTROL the president that they don't even care that their plan will mean a SURE loss for them. They were HOPING for a “contested convention” so they could put their plan into operation.

OBAMA LIED (AS USUAL): He went to Cuba and told us how nice things were there. That was a lie (surprise, surprise!). The place looks like a bombed-out city in most places. Unemployment is high. People are tightly controlled by the government of the Castro brothers, jailed and/or executed if they disagree with them. The average age of the cars on the streets (except for those driven by the rich and government “officials”) is the FIFTIES, kept running with baling wire and duct tape. Their highly touted “health care system” isn't nearly as good as it is painted. It's a “two-tier system” where only the rich and government officials get the TOP care, with even that not being good for Castro, who came HERE when he got really sick. The rest don't get much of anything except for “treating the symptoms” and sending them home.

DRINKIN' THE KOOL-AID”: Seems like everybody who makes “gun laws” are all “drinkin' the same Kool-Aid. They all think just “making a law” will solve all their problems. Forget that their laws only affect the law-abiding, which should not be their targets, at all. Criminals, who never register the ILLEGAL guns they get, are unaffected. ALL the laws they make ONLY limit the ability of the law-abiding to defend against the depredations of illegally-armed criminals. They aim at the wrong targets and hit them, every time they are allowed a shot.

OF MOUNTAINS AND MOLEHILLS: I think the whole dustup over Trump's campaign manager “roughing up” that reporter who “crowded” Trump is a putup job. They seized on a small thing and blew it out of proportion. The reporter LIED about how badly she was hurt, thinking her lie couldn't be refuted, not knowing there was video evidence to the contrary.. Then we found that the person prosecuting Lewandowski was a HILLARY campaign worker, and the plot became obvious, to the most ignorant people.

IT'S BIGOTRY! It has become routine to insult those who don't agree with you (at least on the Democrat side) and call you a bigot or a racist if you disagree with their foolishness. That those terms are becoming useless through being in common use while being a lie is obvious. The whole thing was started by Obama calling everybody who disagrees with his stupid policies “racist” because HE prefers to “identify” as being black. He told us that if we elected him, it would forever destroy racism, but it has done exactly the opposite, with him being the principle cheerleader.

GUNS SHOCK ANS SICKEN ME”: I've written about this before, but it's so outrageous I think it needs to be noted again. In Washington State, a state senator (Jeannie Darnelle of Tacoma) admitted that “guns shock and sicken me.” And yet she is still allowed to make laws against gun ownership, even after revealing her BIAS. This is why we get so many attempts to destroy our ability to defend ourselves. There are way too many legislators similarly biased, but are not as honest about it, and they're allowed to make laws reflecting their bias.

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